Sunday, 9 December 2007

Holidays Holidays everywhere !!

With holidays around the corner for most of us and festivity in the air . Travelling to a new place might be in the minds of so many people now. But does finding an accomadationto suit your budget bother you?? Worry no more .. The things you would like to know is right here. My choice is Singapore for this vacation and I have planned to stay in one of the lovely boutique hotels. I'm sure most of you would have planned to take a break from your regular routine and jus' explore new places or jus' explore your neighbour hood . So, here I have a list of websites which will help you with the accomadations at very competitive prices.

Spain the land of varied architecture , bull fights and much more and Barcelona , the fashion capital of the world has got a lot to offer for all age groups , you sure wont regret making a trip there ..For accomadation details and to know more about the place click here. That's not all the site also gives you a list of 20 unique things to do . That sure should be amazing !

For all the cupid struck people, Paris is the place for you with its lovely culture and lots of romantic places to enjoy with your loved ones.. Click here for details.

This website is not jus' for Spain and France , its got loads of information and offers about lot other places . Click here for details.. Happy holidays !


Compassion Unlimitted said...

Hey thanks for the tips..will save it for future..just returned from kulu,manali

Vasanthan said...

i guess everybody is in the holiday mood.
my days in Brisbane are numbered.thus with little budget i am going to all the places in and around Brisbane. Lots of beached and mountains!
i will soon post my holiday pictures in piccasa and give you guys the link!

i hope our lovely Shalini would do the same!

--xh-- said...

not yet decided where to head for new year bash. most probably some plac out of town where we can go on a bike and have a camp fire. thnx for the info...