Friday, 21 December 2007

My presentation, conference and entrepreneurs...

The conference(ICGE, which I was talking about in my last before post ) has enlightened me in many ways .. Im yet to give my presentation , which will be tomorrow.. At the end of the 2nd day in the 3 day conference I am so excited . Not because I have my presentation tomorrow that may matter only partly but the best thing of these two days were the kind of people I met a LOT of entrepreneurs (thou' not very popular but im sure quite a few of you would have heard about them they are mainly Indian entrepreneurs.. It was a very exciting forum , much better than what I had expected of it. The line up of spreakers were amazing , I jus' truly enjoyed every moment there .. One more day to go and I hope I could make the best use of it too . I have a few pics to put it up here..Due to the lack of time and in availablity of the connecting cable will do it sometime later ..

You all have a lovely weekend and a great time too!

P.S : Due to lack of time im not able to drop by any of your blogs, guess I will be back to my routine starting monday :)



Lena said...

Looking forward to seeing the pics and to getting more about your presentation!
Good luck!
And It is great to know that you are enjoying :)

Vasanthan said...

please let us know of how the presentation went.

i understand the busy period you are going through. just enjoy the moment and take live as it goes. don make yourself busy unnecessarily. be a "relak Jake" (singaporean slang)

--xh-- said...

a bit late, catching up your blogs in teh reverse order :) hope ur presentation went well.