Thursday, 13 December 2007

My weekend

I know this post comes a little late here. Sorry, was a bit held up with my paper presentation which I got to do next week.

My last weekend was quite packed and fun filled . I was always excited about the Jodi.no1 show aired in Vijay TV (For the uninitiated - its a dance competition for real and reel life couple(television artists) .Its one of the most popular shows here . And during this weekend the participants of the Jodi.no1 show of both season 1(2006) and season2(2007) , Airtel supersinger (junior and senior) , Kalaka povathu yaaru( a stand up comdey show) all came together for one mega event which was held at Nehru indoor stadium on sunday (9th dec) . So was busy getting tickets for the show and also went to Landmark( a book store) to get a few books and more importantly a book on Singapore .. I am usually crazy about travel books, so this was one reason for me to add one more to my collection. Reached home really tired and hit the bed to get up soon the next day.

Now that i have got my license for driving and still havent drove my car I had a very guilty feeling for quite sometime . So asked if my instructor could help me out as I got trained in the driving institute car and was real scared to drive my car all by myself . The lady was really willing to help me out and we hit the road by 7 in the morning and my dad accompanied us.. Jus in case I got into any troucle :p .. After 2 hours of driving we reached home around 10 .

By now I was really excited about the show in the evening. We reached the stadium by 6 and the show started by 7 .. Thou' it started late it was a big time hit with everone of us.. It was much better than I expected and the overall presentation was amazing.. Was unable to stay till the end as the programme started an hour late . I was really upset when we had to leave but 15 mins down the line I didn't regret it as I felt damn hungry .. Later we had good food and went home to sleep.. That's about my weekend.. How did your weekend go?? Anything intresting to share??

P.S: I'm sorry that I was unable to put any pic of the show - We were asked not to take photos or video :(


Abhishek Khanna said...


Aarthi said...

Hey me too..learnt driving ..and Dad got me a new car...Inspite of all this..I've drove jus a couple of times...that too with my driver beside me....and this guilty feeling is jus killling me....:(

--xh-- said...

tahzt sure a ncie weekend. first cast off the fear from your mind, and then drive. it is seriously FUN. wish you loads and loads of trouble free miles. (A Aarthi - if you need any one take care of your 'new' car, leave a pm ;-) )

Kuttibalu said...

Cool gal. Waiting for the show's telecast in vijay TV.

How interesting can a Weekend be when one hv to do a night out to catch up all the slippage done over a year to study for an exam.

Waiting for this weekend to travel to chennai and then drive to tirupati and places near by.

Sudhakar said...

Hey let me see you on tv if u have come.But i do not know ur face?Let me try and find out a smart girl and name her shalini.
Ok then about tags.Check .Your tag has been taken up by me.And thanks for tagging.Bye

Lena said...

you had a nice weekend :)
Hope the coming one will be great too :)
as for driving, cant imagine myself driving a car, so great done, girl :)

Vasanthan said...

Congrats on your driving license!
and the shows on vijay tv are the ones that constantly watch too. if only i was in chennai would have gone for the show.

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

@Abhishek :)

@Aarthi - I fully understand how it feels , its lovely that you ve got a new car make the best use of it... Paint the city RED ;)


Thank you so much, i really need this wish of driving trouble free :)


Hope your weekend turns out to be fine as you expect. I hope the show is being telecasted the coming weekend 21 &22 dec, coz the making of the show was telecasted this week .


Thanks Lena .Hope you had a lovely weekend too :)


Thanks! Don' worry the show will be on air soon . Probably this weekend 21&22nd dec I suppose.. Check it out :)