Sunday, 31 July 2011


Weekends have truly become a luxury and having time for ones own self is becoming a lot more precious .. Looking back couple of years ago, when I was still in college everyday seemed like a weekend if not a celebration ...

The weather in Chennai this weekend has been really very pleasant, making me feel like wanting to go to the beach or long drive ..

Gladly will be going on a long drive to OMR to meet up with relatives for lunch at "The Farm" .. Lots of chatting, fun , good food and good times :) :)

Monday, 11 July 2011

The weekend I would remember forever - Celebrating the festival of hearts

The theme for the weekend was Celebrating the festival of hearts - Two beautiful days, two wonderful occasions !

The first one on July 9 was my parents 25th wedding anniversary, after a quick visit to the temple in the morning, it was lunch with family and friends which was supposed to be a surprise planned for them which never happened to be one at the end .. My dad saw me entering the hotel in which the plan was made, couple of days before their anniversary and sensed some planning happening .. ! Spl. thanks to my wonderful friends who showered me with ideas ..

On Sunday (July 10th) was my best friend Nishi's wedding, for almost a year now I have been talking to every other person about her upcoming wedding .. I am so glad she is married to the love of her life and such beautiful couple they make *touch wood*

I still remember the first time I met her in school when she came to India, she eventually happened to be my neighbour as well .. that was the start to all the beautiful memories to follow in school and beyond. We were class mates for just a year in school but that didn't stop us from catching up with each other ..

We ve been friends from secondary school to high school to college to adulthood and continue to be so as well ..
Ten years had gone by so fast making me feel completely nostalgic in her wedding. Getting up early in the morning is a task by itself and getting ready to attend a wedding is yet another, but I was jus so eager to not miss going for her wedding especially to especially see her getting married and it so happened that the minute I entered the marriage hall I saw in the big screen Vetri tying the thali to Nishi, this couldn't have got any better :) :)

Congrats and many anniversary wishes to the two couples who gave me a super eventful weekend :) :)

Saturday, 2 July 2011

The 5th century - 500

My 500 th post in this blog space .. I can't be more happier .. :) :)
Four years + loads of beautiful moments + series of inspiring stories + wonderful blog friends + a great way to share my life's happenings with friends and family around the globe .. I'm so glad I started blogging ..

I started blogging during my second year of college .. It was one place where I could be my happiest best when things were not really going great for me .. My blog was a world on it's own for me where I chose to share only my good times and things that I felt happy about .. These were conscious decisions that I stood by time to time when ever I felt like cribbing or complaining ..( there are enough and more problems all around and I didn't want to treat my readers to mine)

Its the love from all my all my blog buddies, family and friends that's has kept my blogging spirits alive :) :) . I can hear a lot of you saying that my blogging spirits high in the recent past ... With work, blogging has taken a back seat ..however, with the IPad I am kicked at the thought of making a blog post rather than the age old method of starting the lap top and waiting for it to boot ;)

With this and much more to come .. I am so glad I started blogging and would love to continue to do so :) :)