Thursday, 30 August 2007

Rainy days..

Rain rain come my way .. little shalu wants to play.. lol :P
Its been raining here for the last couple of days and weather has been so pleasant that makes me curl up into my blanket as often as i can .. WOWW .. its complete bliss..

Memories of those rainy days...

Hot puffs from the school canteen ( yumm!!)
wet rain coats drying in the class window
noisy classes .. as well all went awwwwwww.. when the rain started
frequent power failure .. so candle light dinner at home
flooded school ground
I also lost one hero pen in my 4th grade on a rainy day :(
Wet seats in the van
Cyclng with friends in the colony ( so much fun it was)
Running to the terrace to get a clear view of the rainbow
Ice creams from creamy-inn
making paper boats
I also had a small motor boat which i played with in a bucket of water in the fear of loosing it in rain waters
Wet grass
Once a couple of friends and I got into a cart as the rain showers were heavy and the cart almost collapsed .. hehehe
Long blissful sleep :D

Last but not the least, playing in the rain ...

What did rainy days mean to you ???

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

I am back :)

I am finally back after a trip to my native place (mayavaram/mayiladuthurai) a small town down south of Tamil nadu . I was there to attend a family function and it was too good to meet all relatives after a long time.. This trip was more than special as it was not jus' meeting up with relatives and being in the land of our ancsestors , it was down memory lane for my parents and grand parents as we took about an hour break in nevyeli ( another small town in Tamil Nadu) . This was the place where my father spent most of his childhood , mom did her schooling for a couple of years and my grand dad also worked for quite a few years here... This town here is built and maintained by the goverment and the main occupation here is producing energy from lignite... This place is so serene and untouched and the memories my folks came up with, jus' added to the beauty of the place.. We took a long walk around the Bazaar , the school where my dad did his schooling , their old home and also to a confectionery shop which my dad's friend owned but unfortunately he wasn't around....

The function went on very well and in the evening we went to a temple which under went renovation recently , so it looked all new and very welcoming and the statue of the god was carved out of fig tree (hold ur breathe).. 1300 years ago .. there had been no attack of termites and the statue looked huge and gigantic ...

The best things I liked about the trip :
1. Meeting up with relatives
2. Spending time with family
3. The fuction and food
4. dressing up for the function
5. Hearing old memories from my folks when we ended up in Neyveli..

overall the trip was too good .. Missed you all as I was unable to blog for the last week and I succesfully controlled myself without using the laptop... Ya no mails , no blogging, no chats .... !!!

Monday, 27 August 2007

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Blogging break !

I'm taking a few days off from blogging, as im on a trip to my native place to attend a family function ... Till then see u all.. Have a great weekend ! I hopefully will be back on monday ...

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Blog makeover #1

I'm planning to give my blog a new look .. If any of you guys know any site from where i can get blog templates/skins for free plz let me know .. I would like something simple and smart.TIA

Messages from a coconut tree

This one is a lovely article I came across in FT ..

Even a simple phenomenon when viewed with heightend awareness can unfold new avenues of learning.

Focus: Coconut trees have a sense of direction to their growth. They don' end up growing in all directions.There is a single pointed focus. Hence, they stand taller than most other trees . They tell you and me - if you want to stand above everyone else, then have focus ..

Emotional baggage: The old leaves of coconut trees break away smoothly, leaving the trunk smooth. coconut trees do not carry the burden of their past into the present and future - they leave it behind. They tell you and me - leave ur past behind, else it will certainly affect the quality of your life at present..

Personality: To stay ahead in this competetive world, you need the qualities of passion, assertiveness and clarity, and a mind capable of taking hard decisions. To further ensure that you do not loose ur humaneeness, you need the qualities of compassion, empathy and consideration and a heart capable of that tender touch; and behind these hard exteriors and soft interiors, in the core of our being we are a spiritual personality - the emptiness which is everything. Ironaically, that is exactlywhat the coconut represents. The coconut has a hard exterior, then a layer of soft white flesh in the interior and a hollow centre in which the liquid is present..

Usefulness: In malay, the coconut is known as pokok seribu guna, meaning 'the tree of thousan uses'. every part of the cocnut tree is useful. Though cocnut grow only in hot arera, they provide water that serves as a healthy summer drink. The roots supply a dye; the trunks are used to build structures; the white flesh portion is eaten; the fibre from the husk serves as coir; the dried flesh called copra is a source of oil; leftover flesh makes good cattle feed and their leaves have endless uses. They tell you and me that we should live such a life that everything about us and all that we do should be of use to this world...

After reading this article, I ve got a special respect for coconut trees :) .. Would never mind being a coconut tree in my next birth, thou' I would like to be myself :D

Saturday, 18 August 2007

attn: All Nokia phone users

If your using a Nokia phone check if your battery has the number BL-5c in the front, adjacent to the hologram

If ya, turn the battery and check out the 26 digit code

enter this 26 digit code here

If your battery is one among the defected ones , Nokia is replacing them free of cost as 46 million batteries manufactured by Matsushita between december 2005 and November 2006 has been reported to have caused battery expansion due to heating.

I jus' checked out mine and the other Nokia phone at home , both the batteries seem to be fine and does not fall under this category . Check your batteries too and be safe .

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Independance Day

India celebrates its 60th Independance day today ..
Wish you all a Happy Independance day .. Jai Hind!

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

A sad demise ...

A friend of mine from school (Adithya Rao) passed away in a road accident couple of days back when the bike he was travelling in as a pillion rider was hit by a lorry from the opposite direction .

He was a student of one of the renowned engineering college in the city . The accident took place just a few metres away from college . And when he was injured badly ,a few students had already gathered there to give help. When they tried stopping their college bus which was passing by, to rush Adithya to the hospital . The driver refused to offer them help without the management’s permission even after knowing the student was form their own college.. After making arrangements to take Adithya to the hospital by other means.. He was announced dead on arrival and was said he could have been saved if he had reached half hour before..

More details about the incident can be read here..

Where has all the humanity gone?? This is so hurting , especially in a place like Chennai where the people are considered to be hospitable..

Adithya was a new comer to school in the 11th grade . But, he was an instant hit with the students and teachers with his charming manners and intelligence . Never knew a single person who would talk bad about him .. Thou’ we never were in the same class I knew him through the competitions we used to take part together .. Will miss those good ol’ times ..

Rest in peace Adi . You were a great friend to all of us. We all miss you.

May god give his parents and sister the strength to bear the huge loss…

So, Dear readers

While you travel by a two wheeler plz put your helmets on and drive safe (especially in India and most parts of Chennai where safety is being overlooked both by the individual and the government)

And when you travel by car have your seat belts on..

Please avoid drunken driving ..

Have a safe ride, help whenever you can and have a lovely life...

Thursday, 9 August 2007


I have been tagged by Sheetu Kutty;)

I am supposed to write seven random things about me ..

The torch passes on to Shalini and here I go…

I loooooooove DANCE .. Im really passionate about it. In fact I thought I will make a career out of dance before I was pushed into engineering ( kiddin’ I was the one who opted for it).. I am not a trained dancer but I ve managed to learn Manipuri , bhartanatyam, kathak , jazz apart from jumping .. lol.. I can dance anytime, anywhere .. no constraints .. This summarises my madness about dance..

I can sleep for a straight 24 hrs… I’m a sleepaholic :D ..

I’m a complete no non-sense person .. I like having intellectual conversations .. Gossiping about people is the last thing I can do.

I love adventure sports .. I’m waiting to do Bungee jumping sometime in the future..

I feel guys look extra smart in kurtas .. I think Madhavan is cute ( who doesn’t ??.. lol) .. ARR is GOD .. I’m head over heals with Naresh Iyer’s and Singer Karthik’s voice :D

I’m a TATA freak… Ya, I end up liking all products they come out with.. right from Westside, Titan, Tanishq, Landmark, Croma , Taj Hotels and much much more…

I like dreaming BIG . I want to become an entrepreneur...And I love nature ..

I’m done…
I tag Shantini , Kaylee , Yuveline and jus’ anybody who wish to take the tag :D

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Musical memories

I was out with my grand mom last evening , when I met my music teacher after nine long years .. I am glad she remembered me (who wouldn’t remember a girl who used to doze off in her classes.. lol)

This brought back sweet as well some funny memories of my child hood.. I started taking carnatic music lessons when I was in my 3rd grade( ie. When I was around 7 yrs.old) ..My grandparents used to drop me in the class and take me back home. I was hardly interested in carnatic music back then and I so wanted my parents to put me in a dance class as I love dance.. But, for some odd reasons my mum wanted me to go to singing class.. And, I was very well convinced when I came to know one of my best friend has also enrolled for it.. This jus’ made me more enthusiastic for the initial few days but I gradually lost out interest as days passed by, but now the irony is that I love carnatic music as well.
But, few things I still laugh about where the times I used to doze off while singing ( what can a small lil girl do when she is rushed to the music class after her school.. :p).
The way I used to feel nice about myself , when my music teacher allows me to handle the Harmonium (only later I realised she gave the harmonium to handle to keep me away from dozing .. :D) .. And the specially made food and prashad she gives us during Vijayadasmi (a festival devoted for the job you do, its considered sacred to start your career or start with singing lessons etc..)

Also this only makes me realise its ages since I practised my music lessons.. Guess I should at least practise for sometime everyday .

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Bad mood+chocolate = Good mood

I was in a very bad mood after arguing with my mum over a trivial issue, the fact was that i was jus' bored which I realised only now (half hour after the argument) ..
I know what your thinking, I really get cranky at times. And i jus' realised having a chocolate makes me feel better and im out of the bad mood syndrome ..

So, if ur feeling low , depressed or angry jus' have a bar of chocolate..

P.S : Remember its me who gave you the idea of having a chocolate when ur in a bad mood .. Tested and certified.. It works :D

Sunday, 5 August 2007

An inspiration I gained along the shores of Marina

It was a beautiful Sunday evening along the sea shore of Marina. The beach was bustling with activity from children building castles, senior citizens taking walks along the lane , young couple enjoying the cool breeze and breath taking views of the Marina along with their loved ones ., there were many families enjoying themselves eating the famous beach sundal and chatting away to glory and the teen age crowd hanging out with friends and keeping them occupied with cricket , volley ball et all..
And not to forget the shops making a brisk business as it was another weekend with crowds of people thronging the beach …

It was here I met Kumar , he didn’t seem to enjoy the beach .. He was mesmerised in his own thoughts ( a serious one) .. As we (me and my mom) approached him.. the first thing we noticed in him was he was one another boy selling sundal in the shores of the beach.. But the two minute conversation we had with him changed our entire perception about him…
The conversation between Amma (my mom) and him :
(After ordering for the few sundal packets we wanted )
Amma asked him..
Amma : Do you go to school?
Kumar(the boy) : Yes
(this brought a smile in amma’s and my face .. thinking.. not bad he’s being educated)
Amma: Which class do you go to?
Kumar: 9th grade
(Me and amma were actually schoked … he looked too small for his age , he looked like a 4th grade student at the max)
Amma: Do you have your holidays going on now?
Kumar: Ya, today is Sunday ..So I don’t have school . I come here on weekends to earn for my school fees .
Amma: Which school do u go to?
Kumar: Corporation school
Amma: What’s your school fee?
Kumar: 100 rupee ( ya, the 100 bucks we spend on recharging, movies, junk food … )
(by this time he started feeling comfortable talking to us ) He continued talking to us.. but now there was a concern in his voice .. he was worried about his next year of education as the school fee is more compared to his current year as it’s the 10th grade..

This incident moved me so much… With so much economic development happening in Chennai and India there are still SOOO much people who suffer..

And one other important thing is the optimism Kumar had.. His poverty and bad health ( he looked so under nourished) didn’t stop him from pursuing his dream of getting a proper school education..

Happy friendship day !

Wish you all a very happy friendship day.. Have a blast..

I created this pic using a website called caption it after getting this idea from
Sheetal's blog :D

Friday, 3 August 2007


This is the first time I'm doing a tag but I'm more than happy to do it for a social cause ..
I took this tag from shek's blog

The rules are to write down what steps you are taking today and would like to take to reduce global warming.

Steps I am taking today
1. I carry my own cloth bag for shopping
2. I use the car only when absolute necessary
3. I don't use the A/c much
4. I have jus' started switching off fans and lights when not in use
5. Use natural fibre with natural coloring for my clothes as and when possible

Steps I would like to take
1. use recycled paper products
2. Use Hybrid car ( when i own one)
3. Use organic food
4. Create awareness among people
5. Plant more trees
6. Use compact fluorescent bulbs
7. Car pool when possible

That is all i could think of now..

I tag all thinkers and activists .. The rules are to write down what steps you are taking today and would like to take to reduce global warming.

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Concern for global warming

This was one post I wanted to write for almost a month , now I'm finally here with it..
Have we ever wondered how beautiful our nature is?? If ya, why don' we help preserving it atleast,even if not improving it...
We get so much from nature and its resources for our well being , but what do we give back in return .. Carbon dioxide and other poisonous substances which spoil our dear earth ?!?!! Ya,it is the bitter truth and we got to face it..
Then again are we so selfish?? Don' we care for the place we live (earth)??

Let's contribute our small deeds which will help preserve nature and prevent global warming.. With so much of awareness campaign conducted all over the world , LIVE EARTH concert , movies which talk about the ill effects of global warming ( inconvenient truth, The simpsons movie..) and many more which I don' know...

Let's all do our little things to cut out on global warming..
1. Use more fuel efficient vehicles, as this gives out less carbon dioxide..
2. use vehicles when its only necessary
3. use renweable sources of energy ( wind, solar power..)
4. Reduce, reuse, recyle .. This saves 70% of the energy..
5. replace incandescant light bulbs with compact fluroscent bulbs
5. Don't waste water
6. Plant trees , protect forests as they take in co2
7. create awareness among people about global warming
8. Use air conditioner only when necessary
9. Drive smartly , keep car tyres inflated
10. carpool when you can.. Its fun and saves energy as well..
11. Say NO (ya, a big no) to synthetic substances whenever possible.
12. Buy organic food.. Chemicals used in mordern agriculture pollute water and require energy to produce...

Remember ,Every person makes a difference .. Lets look forward for a green and a healthy environment in the future.