Saturday, 31 December 2011

My Best of 2011 !! :)

2011 has turned out to be yet another year gone by leaving behind happy memories that bring up a smile on my face as I look back at 2011...

Some of the wonderful times and memories of 2011 that would always remain close to my heart ..

  •  I travelled alone from Trivandrum to Chennai to Trivandrum alone .. and yea, I got flight tickets with money I earned :) :)
  • I went on a speed boat in Bay of Bengal as part of my friend's Bday surprise and we did that again on my parent's 25th Anniversary
  • It was sooo much fun organising my parent's 25th anniversary :) :)
  • My best friend from school got married to the love of her life .. 
  • Test driving cars almost became a hobby, I would be sillily laughing at myself when I think about the number of cars I would have test driven the entire year .. and I'm sure its to continue for some more time now.. 
  • I got the lovely chance to go bullock cart riding with my cousins and family 
  • I started making chocolates and the response I get from everyone who has tasted it has only made me want to do more and better :) :)
  •  Went to Yercaud with family and friends :) :)
May this New year bring you wonderful opportunities, turning dreams into reality and all your efforts into achievements :) :) Have a happy 2012 !! :)

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Its storming in Chennai

I think its the first time I'm gonna experience a storm .. Watta way to bring in NYE and welcome 2012 !! :) :)
Couple of times earlier when it stormed in Chennai, I was not in the city. It has been pouring cats and dogs since morning with heavy winds .. :)

Monday, 19 December 2011

Monday Morning Inspiration # 105

Though its almost gonna be tuesday already .. jut didnt want to miss it this week.. My last week was super hectic, but I loved doing what I did :) :)

It was also a week that made me realise the words in the pic above ... Feel positive and good about your self and everything around you will turn out to be the same :)

Happy Holidays !!!

What are you guys doing this holiday season ??

Monday, 12 December 2011

Monday Morning Inspiration # 104

After a super busy weekend and just before I start my Monday .. here it goes ..

I can't agree more with these lines or thoughts :) :)
Have a great week ahead ! :)

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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Monday morning Inspiration # 103

A friend of mine shared this pic with me last evening and it totally lifted my spirit !! and I thought why not begin another series of Monday Morning Inspiration :) :)

Pic Courtesy - , thanks to friend D for sharing it with me :)

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