Thursday, 28 June 2007

Weekend Destination

I was at GRT Temple Bay this weekend to jus’ chill out with family . It is a beach resort off Chennai along the ECR . I liked the place and didn’t like it as well. Lol..
I liked the place for its ambiance, food and of course the beach . It was for the clean shore and the waters I wanted to go for, as it had been ages since I let the sea water flow over my feet…

But there awaited a huge shock.. The beach was allowed access only to those who stayed in the resort and not for those who come there jus’ to dine.. But then my parents were really gracious and booked a cottage for us.. which again didn’t come cheap… This was the not so good aspect about the place.. As other resorts didn’t have such constraint of not letting their non resident customers access to the beach..

But overall it was a wonderful experience and the buffet spread requires a special mention as the food was good , each dish tasted the way it has to…

And I also loved the Hammock in which I spent most of the time lazing ..

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Sivaji - The BOSS ( or call it The MASS)

The much hyped movie of the year is finally on the screens…

I haven’t caught up with the movie yet, but have been going through the reviews on the net….

But, a little skeptical on when I will be watching it, as im not too sure if I will be able to get the tickets any time soon( Mayajaal has 25 shows a day and no tickets available for the coming two weeks, so is it with other theatres in the city… Whats happening???)

Will post my reviews once I catch up with the movie

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Frozen thoughts - The magazine

Frozen Thoughts , an inspirational magazine ( or atleast thats what i call it) is a good reading for all those who like to enjoy the finer aspects of life and live life in a better way..

It's a monthly magazine and i have been reading it for the last three years and thought I should be sharing it here..

It has a lot of inspirational stories and interviews with eminent personalities as well.
In many cases it has also changed the way I look at life and has truly inspired me in many ways.

Hope it turns out to be a good read for others as well.