Saturday, 16 June 2007

Sivaji - The BOSS ( or call it The MASS)

The much hyped movie of the year is finally on the screens…

I haven’t caught up with the movie yet, but have been going through the reviews on the net….

But, a little skeptical on when I will be watching it, as im not too sure if I will be able to get the tickets any time soon( Mayajaal has 25 shows a day and no tickets available for the coming two weeks, so is it with other theatres in the city… Whats happening???)

Will post my reviews once I catch up with the movie


e t e r n a l said...

I saw the movie..its fantastic. songs are pictured nicely..scenic locations good art.. always thalaivar is very ishtylish ;)

Vetty Officer said...

Thalaivar rocks in the movie!!! and the movie is worth watching - especially the songs!!

Make it fast friend...

Vetty Officer.