Sunday, 29 January 2012

Nanban - Movie Review

*No spoiler*

When I heard months back about Vijay performing the role of Aamir Khan in 3 idiots, I was a bit doubtful how it would turn out to be and so was is with Srikanth playing Maddy's role especially because I loved 3 Idiots to the level that it would be one of my all time favourite movie.

I am a huge fan of Vijay, but still I kept wondering how well Nanban would materialize and all my doubts were answered when I came out happy and smiling out of the theatre.

The cast in Nanban was brilliant, especially after seeing each of their performance :) The movie happened to be a scene by scene clone from 3 idiots, however after the first ten mins into the movie I totally lost the feel of it being a remake. Each of the actors took the show by a storm..

I still like 3 idiot .5% more than Nanban. But, Nanban is an awesome movie !!

When I was browsing through channels in TV today, just came across a show in which they were showing the making of the movie Nanban .. I was totally in awe thinking about the beautiful locations, where they had shot the "aska laska" song, they looked so pristine and unspoiled.

A kind of movie that I can see many many times and still not get enough of it :)

Don't miss watching the movie, I am sure you will enjoy it !

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Some people Some moments # 6

My last weekend (the first weekend of 2012) was so very very good.. thinking about it I am still smiling :)

On Saturday, after a bit of running around the city and getting some work done I had plans to catch up with couple of college friends. It was almost after a year we were meeting though we happen to be living in the same city .. so for dinner my friend 'D' and I caught up with 'N' and 'K'. It was a very special evening for all of us as friend 'K' had come to give his wedding invite :) :) He was getting married to another friend of ours 'R'. What more reason for us to rejoice ??? We spent close to three hours talking , eating, talking, talking .. it was of course more talking than eating we did :)

We spoke about everything under the sun from Why this kolaveri di .. to wedding shopping .. to college gossip .. to work life .. to cooking .. to bunking work .. it just took me few minutes to get into the care free mode.
I just realized that many months later, I actually felt a sense of happiness that only moments like these could create, it added more to the fun when friend 'K' said almost 50 to 60 of our college friends were coming to the wedding .. I immediately wanted to go book tickets to Kolkatta (the wedding destination). I was more thrilled as I will be visiting seeing a Bengali wedding for the first time :) :)

Dhruv, me, Nami and Kaustav

After an evening filled with moments that I will hold close to my heart and with friends "K" and "R"s wedding invitation in hand we got back home .. Did I say friend"K' is the best singer I have ever known .. so, we have asked him to sing to "R" in his wedding ;)  Here's a video of one of his jamming session 

If saturday took me back by a year letting me re-live my college days, on sunday I ahppened to meet my friend 'N', he is my kinder garden friend and the first friend I made :) :) and also is friend "D's" cousin. After high school, we hardly were in touch. It came as a surprise to him when he saw me at his place. Though it was a short meet, it was so good catching up with "N", his mom and grand mom ..

We looked different, we were no more kids or teens, we weren't in touch with each other regularly .. However, nothing had changed between us .. we had only grown fonder and valued our friendship a lot more and the minute we met it was life as usual the way it used to be when in college or school.

Now, I am looking forward to friend "K" and "R"'s wedding and my trip to Kolkatta :) :)