Thursday, 25 February 2010

Lets go for Pani Puri :) :)

It was one of those days when you had so much of work to do .. all that I could think of was how to get things done soon.. print out .. slides .. diagrams .. flash back of how bad the first project review turned out to be ... But in between all this on the way back home from college , it was like a mini re union for me with my bus friends since its been a while I took my college bus back home and the best part of it was almost all my bus friends were there and we had a nice round of chatting and teasing .

It was between one of those talks when we were almost about to get off at our stops there was some one who said Lets go for Pani Puri and that was it ..

Pani Puri ?? Where ?? Keshav chat ?? Ashok pan house ??
and after all the discussion that lasted for a few mins we finally decided on Keshav chat .. 8 of us in queue , 1 pani puri counter , we were following the first in first out process .. Ah! I don' remember having pani puri with so many of them at a go .. was so much fun , this evening I will always remember :)

Me and K were totally ready to go with the plan the minute we heard the word Pani puri - such freaks we are of golgappa and we had always wanted to meet for Pani puri :)

So much fun it turned out to be , probably this short break was what kept me going for the rest of the tightly scheduled evening. Thank you so much guys for that wonderful evening! :)

You can read my review on Keshav chats here

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Xtremism ....

These days I have been either enjoying my time to the hilt or getting totally bugged up or slogging to get some work done ... Nothin seems to be going on a moderate pace ..

I never in my wildest dream thought I would be able to sit for 7 hours straight and work on my project .. It happened today !! not bad :)

Times have come in the last few weeks that I ahve longed to have food at home .. jus' the thought of going to a restaurant make me want to skip a meal .. But, it has jus given me loads of stuff to write for my Eatin' out blog.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Two States

It was the time when Chetan baghat's Two State was released almost a couple of months ago I believe. I was hearing mixed reviews - the for Chetan Bhagat group who vouched the book has to be read and the anti Chetan Bhagat group which compared other Indian authors to CB's literature is of no standards.

But to me CB's book releases are like awaiting for one of those anticipated movie releases. I started reading this book after couple of my friends recommendation. I truly liked every bit of Two States. It is like a complete entertainer to me.

After reading it I'm whole heartedly recommending it to everyone. A couple of my friends who are never into the habit of reading books have borrowed my copy.

It was fun discussing the happenings in the book with my friends since most of them have moved to Chennai from various parts of North India and one specific friend who is a Punjabi .. It was total fun to hear their part of coming and settling in Chennai and how much they relate to the way they initially felt in this land of idly, sambar, vada..

I would rate it much better than 3 mistakes of my life and a little above 5 point some one, the other 2 writings of CB's that I have read.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Some people Some moments # 3

With all the good moments of college coming to a near end, it has been maximum fun with everyone wherever we are be it college or outside.

It was one such day when my friend H decided on treating me and D for a dinner out. After taking me around the city for a whole lot of time with no clue as to where I was gonna dine. Finally when the car entered Radisson GRT , I felt a sigh of relief for finally getting into "the" place and a sense of excitement as I have always wanted to dine at The great Kebab Factory at Radisson from the time I and D did our internship at GRT.

After relishing the yummilicious kebabs and the mouth melting desserts (I am skipping the biryani we had, it is was BAD) , it was an icing on the cake when we saw Surya , Jothika, Diya with a few other friends of theirs walk into the restaurant. The remaining time I was inside the restaurant all that I did was try to catch a glimpse of them every now and then. It turned out to be a treat in all senses :)