Thursday, 25 February 2010

Lets go for Pani Puri :) :)

It was one of those days when you had so much of work to do .. all that I could think of was how to get things done soon.. print out .. slides .. diagrams .. flash back of how bad the first project review turned out to be ... But in between all this on the way back home from college , it was like a mini re union for me with my bus friends since its been a while I took my college bus back home and the best part of it was almost all my bus friends were there and we had a nice round of chatting and teasing .

It was between one of those talks when we were almost about to get off at our stops there was some one who said Lets go for Pani Puri and that was it ..

Pani Puri ?? Where ?? Keshav chat ?? Ashok pan house ??
and after all the discussion that lasted for a few mins we finally decided on Keshav chat .. 8 of us in queue , 1 pani puri counter , we were following the first in first out process .. Ah! I don' remember having pani puri with so many of them at a go .. was so much fun , this evening I will always remember :)

Me and K were totally ready to go with the plan the minute we heard the word Pani puri - such freaks we are of golgappa and we had always wanted to meet for Pani puri :)

So much fun it turned out to be , probably this short break was what kept me going for the rest of the tightly scheduled evening. Thank you so much guys for that wonderful evening! :)

You can read my review on Keshav chats here


Ramprabu said...

Hiiiiiiiiii shaliniiiiii

karthik s said...

yay u got that right!!! the magic word that puts wings on my feet- pani puri!!!!!! :D

karthik s said...

and yeah check out my version of our little raid of sri keshav chats.. ;)

Vasanthan said...

i was told by my Indian staff, on how girls will go crazy about pani poori.
i tried it in bangalore, it is truly great. once you start, you can't stop!

praveen said...

Hi, Nice to see you there...I like sev poori very much...