Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Movie "Odipolama" review

It was one movie I eagerly anticipated since the time the movie was being shot. I followed it up like crazy .. downloaded the songs on the day of its music release. Was totally excited when I saw the poster of the movie right from the dailies to the hoardings across the city. It was an introductory movie for actor Parimal who was my friend D's cousin.

But, due to various other reasons I couldn't catch up with the movie when it was in the theaters and after hearing rave reviews from my friends and after so much persuasion by friend D I finally caught up with the movie this noon.

At the beginning during the start of the movie was thinking that it is Parimal's first movie so its ok.. I shouldn't be expecting too much .. the first song comes and I'm in total awe of his dancing skills , it starts there and from then on I haven't had the slightest hesitation on having to watch the movie. Every single cast in the movie has done a wonderful job *applause* and good show by debutant actor Parimal as well.. except for the first few starting mins of the movie .. Parmial has done a good job.

A nice movie to catch up with on a lazy afternoon :)

My list to do # 2

  • File all the mark sheets and certificates (long pending task)
  • Browse about loans
  • Connect with more people going to Cardiff
  • Make passport size ans stamp size photo graphs
  • Fix the doors
  • Clear away unwanted stuffs (books and clothes)

Monday, 24 May 2010

Friends, Airport and good byes ..

First it happened in 10th grade, later in 12th grade and now in college.. Bidding good bye is one of the toughest things.. I remember my 10th grade farewell like it happened yesterday .. that was the first time I remember that I felt so bad, with jus' the thought of not being able to sit in the same class with my friends and doing the usual fun stuffs that we always do in class ..

I've grown, time has brought upon me a lot of changes, so many learning experiences, so many small small mis understandings, so much of togetherness, so many outings together , so many canteen times, pulling each other s leg, chatting in class (that is all the we did apart from solving sudoku and reading the news paper everyday), placement tension, being there for each other, photocopying study material the day before exam, so much of love, load of fun and many many friends.. I'm so gonna miss them all so badly ..

My memories in Chennai the last few years were filled with these people apart from my parents and grand parents, but now its time to move on and the enter the next phase in life for all of us .. Higher studies or getting into work, it sure is gonna be totally different without these people around. I'm so terribly gonna miss being with all my friends. I jus' hope time and again I would be able to meet them all and most importantly all of them together and share the wonderful bonding that we ve shared over the years :) Will miss you guys ...!

The last couple of days I've being living in bus terminus and airport picking up and seeing off friends.. and its gonna be this way the next few days as well *sigh*. I wish we all live together virtually :)

Thursday, 20 May 2010

My list of things to do for the coming days # 1

  • Get done with responding to the university's offer
  • Mail the univ. regarding the non- arrival of the documents
  • Watch movie "Odipolama"
  • Read "One night at the call centre"
  • Watch movie "Kites"
  • Go to college to collect the course completion certificate.
  • Talk to our project guide and plan a lunch out with him.
  • Shop for the miscellaneous items that mom has given me a list of ..
  • Beg, borrow, steal all the photos from my friend's before they pack their bags to their homes..
  • Apply for scholarship
  • Shop for clothes, footwear and bag ..
  • Lots of downloading to be done ..
  • Clear my inboxes .. clean my room .. dispose old clothes and books that i wouldn't be using anymore ..

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Breakfast in the rains :)

I love it when it rains and I'm not getting too wet in it. I was sitting in my balcony munching on hot crispy dosas with piping hot sambar .. watching the rain outside .. bliss ! Wondering if I could have more such breakfasts in the coming days.

What would be your favourite food stuff to munch on such a weather ??
Good morning .. I jus' got up and I'm here online blogging, tweeting and face booking in this lovely weather .. The rains have jus' got more heavier in Chennai. thanks to the cyclone thats on its way :))

My friends are on a trip to Ooty, which I'm supposedly had to be in as well , but due to various other hiccups from the family front I had to think of going there sometime a little later. Guess my friends sent a bit of the ooty weather my way. So, I don' miss much ;)

I've got loads of plans for the next couple of days that I'm sure I will have to list them out else will surely end up missing out on a few. I'm totally gonna have "me" time exclusively the way I want to be.. I cannot think of a better time to enjoy the exclusive "me" time when most of my friends aren't around.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

I am back and its gonna be blogging marathon ..

It's been a while since I regularly posted here .. project work, exams , time out with friends, bday parties, get togethers .. Its been crazy at my end, which I'm sure is to continue for a while jus' that I have a break of couple of days in between to take life in slow motion since I have been sprinting all along.

So, starting now its gonna be a big time blogging marathon in this space for the next couple of days .. after which it would be the regular 2-3 posts per week type of blogging :))

I jus' wanna get addicted to posting here, the way I used to be until sometime ago but twitter has been trying to woo me offlate ;)

I'm finally done with my dreadful project reviews, thou' we didn't do much for the project I got to learn a lot through experience which I'm sure would be lessons for life.

My engineering semester exams have seen their end. I'm done with it all. Will officially be an engineer very shortly .. Phew ! In between all of these there has been quite a lot of fun filled moments which im lookinh to post in the coming posts .

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Movie Time - Mighty Joe Young

Between one of the days when we were struggling to get done with our final year project, D suggested I watch the movie 'Mighty Joe Young'. He told it was one of the movies he remembers watching as a kid and with D's strong recommendation I downloaded it.

Today after successfully completing our project review, which in fact turned out to be surprisingly superb and after a not so boring evening I decided on spending the night watching 'Mighty Joe Young'.

Thou' I didn't really have much expectation of the film I totally loved it. A girl and her mom are in a forest to protect the Gorilla s and this lead's to the death of the mum. But, her daughter Young promises to her mom that she would protect the then baby gorilla Joe which was six months old.

The various obstacle that comes by in form of poachers and Joe moving out of its natural habitat and how Young tries to protect Joe in all stages of difficulties and how they succeed sums up the movie.

Nice one and a partly realistic on on how difficult animals find to protect themselves from the poachers in their natural habitat.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Monday Mroning Inspiration # 88

Refuse to quit. As long as you haven't quit, you haven't failed. Success is jus' an initiative beyond the failure.

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Sunday, 2 May 2010

It was a beautiful day :)

Today was lovely , no not that it was any occasion or was very eventful. It was totally relaxing especially after one very hectic week .. the kind of break I wanted and the weather in Chennai was jus so apt ..

The weather was beautiful with slight drizzles .. not too cloudy .. I sat in my balcony enjoying the hot morning tea which my mum made reading the lonely planet magazine .. watta way to start the day.. As the day went by it only got better and more relaxing .. had some time for myself .. prepared for the project review .. me and D are already planning out for my bday .. shortlisted the places to decide on where my treat has to be ...

Late evening was fun with parents and now the last couple of hours I ve been online .. downloading the movie Might Joe Young, D's suggested me to see this one and im planning to download songs of Raavan as well ..

I would love to have more such days in my life .. Its beautiful !! Its beautiful :) :)