Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Good morning .. I jus' got up and I'm here online blogging, tweeting and face booking in this lovely weather .. The rains have jus' got more heavier in Chennai. thanks to the cyclone thats on its way :))

My friends are on a trip to Ooty, which I'm supposedly had to be in as well , but due to various other hiccups from the family front I had to think of going there sometime a little later. Guess my friends sent a bit of the ooty weather my way. So, I don' miss much ;)

I've got loads of plans for the next couple of days that I'm sure I will have to list them out else will surely end up missing out on a few. I'm totally gonna have "me" time exclusively the way I want to be.. I cannot think of a better time to enjoy the exclusive "me" time when most of my friends aren't around.

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