Tuesday, 18 May 2010

I am back and its gonna be blogging marathon ..

It's been a while since I regularly posted here .. project work, exams , time out with friends, bday parties, get togethers .. Its been crazy at my end, which I'm sure is to continue for a while jus' that I have a break of couple of days in between to take life in slow motion since I have been sprinting all along.

So, starting now its gonna be a big time blogging marathon in this space for the next couple of days .. after which it would be the regular 2-3 posts per week type of blogging :))

I jus' wanna get addicted to posting here, the way I used to be until sometime ago but twitter has been trying to woo me offlate ;)

I'm finally done with my dreadful project reviews, thou' we didn't do much for the project I got to learn a lot through experience which I'm sure would be lessons for life.

My engineering semester exams have seen their end. I'm done with it all. Will officially be an engineer very shortly .. Phew ! In between all of these there has been quite a lot of fun filled moments which im lookinh to post in the coming posts .

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karthik s said...

Karthik Sukumaran *LIKES* Shalini Gowrishankar's blogging marathon.. ;D