Monday, 24 May 2010

Friends, Airport and good byes ..

First it happened in 10th grade, later in 12th grade and now in college.. Bidding good bye is one of the toughest things.. I remember my 10th grade farewell like it happened yesterday .. that was the first time I remember that I felt so bad, with jus' the thought of not being able to sit in the same class with my friends and doing the usual fun stuffs that we always do in class ..

I've grown, time has brought upon me a lot of changes, so many learning experiences, so many small small mis understandings, so much of togetherness, so many outings together , so many canteen times, pulling each other s leg, chatting in class (that is all the we did apart from solving sudoku and reading the news paper everyday), placement tension, being there for each other, photocopying study material the day before exam, so much of love, load of fun and many many friends.. I'm so gonna miss them all so badly ..

My memories in Chennai the last few years were filled with these people apart from my parents and grand parents, but now its time to move on and the enter the next phase in life for all of us .. Higher studies or getting into work, it sure is gonna be totally different without these people around. I'm so terribly gonna miss being with all my friends. I jus' hope time and again I would be able to meet them all and most importantly all of them together and share the wonderful bonding that we ve shared over the years :) Will miss you guys ...!

The last couple of days I've being living in bus terminus and airport picking up and seeing off friends.. and its gonna be this way the next few days as well *sigh*. I wish we all live together virtually :)