Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The onset of the Diwali season ..

I love the festive season in Chennai and when it is Diwali the fun is a lot more .. You know Diwali is just around the corner when,

  • People around you are talking about what they have shopped or where to shop for clothes ..

  • When everyone at workplace are planning to go on extended leaves ..

  • When the traffic in Chennai grows manifold just the day after Ayudha pooja..

  • When super markets start stacking boxes of Haldiram sweets, dry fruits and chocloate boxes ..

  • When you are easily able to book tickets for a weekend show in Satyam Cinemas just a day before, most of the janta is shopping anyway ..

  • When the smell of sulphur start setting in the air ..

  • When kids around the place run around with cape guns ..

  • When they take no more orders for stictching in your tailor shop ..

  • When all the ads in the newspaper are that of clothes stores and jewellery shop apart from the exclusive supplements we recieve along with the daily news papers ..

Thank god I am no more in school/ college where my diwali holidays were always followed by some exam :) :)

What are you doing this Diwali ??

Engaeyum Epothum

After hearing good reviews about the movie, I decided to see it over the weekend with my parents. I would have been more happy getting a good nights sleep instead of the night show we went to.

The story revolves around a bus accident, and the moral of the story is to not drive while talking over the phone or when you are drunk or when you are feeling sleepy or the likes. Period.

At the end of the movie I somehow felt like having seen a documentary film. The cast were good, there was appropriate humour and the movie was shot in a really nice manner. However, there was this feeling that the movie is still not over even when it actually was.

There are other good movies running in the theatres, I surely wouldn't suggest this one.