Monday, 1 March 2010

Holi Times !!

Wishing you all a very happy Holi and a colorful year ahead!! :)

Holi brings back fond memories of my childhood of how everyone at home used to be against me playing holi and how I used to sneak out jus' to enjoy the holi spirit and get into trouble at home .. It wasn't long ago since all these happened.

Now again I want to sink into the festive spirit of Holi but its been a couple of years since we full fledgedly played holi .. I wonder why thou ??

Missing all my school pals (Nishi, Gari, Mona, Raz, Shamita ...) with whom I share wonderful memories of Holi.

Let me know what you guys did this holi.


akanksha said...

Happy Holi!
Chk out my blog for wt i did for Holi! :)

Arv said...

Hope you had a good time... though I havent played it since my childhood years...

karthik s said...

ha, can see u've played with colours in ur blog as well.. ;)