Sunday, 19 August 2007

Messages from a coconut tree

This one is a lovely article I came across in FT ..

Even a simple phenomenon when viewed with heightend awareness can unfold new avenues of learning.

Focus: Coconut trees have a sense of direction to their growth. They don' end up growing in all directions.There is a single pointed focus. Hence, they stand taller than most other trees . They tell you and me - if you want to stand above everyone else, then have focus ..

Emotional baggage: The old leaves of coconut trees break away smoothly, leaving the trunk smooth. coconut trees do not carry the burden of their past into the present and future - they leave it behind. They tell you and me - leave ur past behind, else it will certainly affect the quality of your life at present..

Personality: To stay ahead in this competetive world, you need the qualities of passion, assertiveness and clarity, and a mind capable of taking hard decisions. To further ensure that you do not loose ur humaneeness, you need the qualities of compassion, empathy and consideration and a heart capable of that tender touch; and behind these hard exteriors and soft interiors, in the core of our being we are a spiritual personality - the emptiness which is everything. Ironaically, that is exactlywhat the coconut represents. The coconut has a hard exterior, then a layer of soft white flesh in the interior and a hollow centre in which the liquid is present..

Usefulness: In malay, the coconut is known as pokok seribu guna, meaning 'the tree of thousan uses'. every part of the cocnut tree is useful. Though cocnut grow only in hot arera, they provide water that serves as a healthy summer drink. The roots supply a dye; the trunks are used to build structures; the white flesh portion is eaten; the fibre from the husk serves as coir; the dried flesh called copra is a source of oil; leftover flesh makes good cattle feed and their leaves have endless uses. They tell you and me that we should live such a life that everything about us and all that we do should be of use to this world...

After reading this article, I ve got a special respect for coconut trees :) .. Would never mind being a coconut tree in my next birth, thou' I would like to be myself :D


whAt A LiFe said...

Very true! What u have said have really enlightened me. Everyone should read this article as it will build one's confidence and sets as a pillar to achieve their goals. Very well said.

: )

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

@ Shanthini akka

Ya akka as u say its a very inspiring article, thats the only thing that made me post it here

Vasanthan said...

how about dancing around one?