Friday, 3 August 2007


This is the first time I'm doing a tag but I'm more than happy to do it for a social cause ..
I took this tag from shek's blog

The rules are to write down what steps you are taking today and would like to take to reduce global warming.

Steps I am taking today
1. I carry my own cloth bag for shopping
2. I use the car only when absolute necessary
3. I don't use the A/c much
4. I have jus' started switching off fans and lights when not in use
5. Use natural fibre with natural coloring for my clothes as and when possible

Steps I would like to take
1. use recycled paper products
2. Use Hybrid car ( when i own one)
3. Use organic food
4. Create awareness among people
5. Plant more trees
6. Use compact fluorescent bulbs
7. Car pool when possible

That is all i could think of now..

I tag all thinkers and activists .. The rules are to write down what steps you are taking today and would like to take to reduce global warming.


Shek said...

good job. Thanks for doing this tag. I will have more updates to globalwarming comign up soon. I have not been active on 'shek's crib'. Been real busy at work. Moreover, my photoblog takes away most of my online time.

Anyway, I have this post in mind about carbon offsets that will come out soon.

I see you have touched the aspect of planting more trees. I have always thought that deforestation was a major issue in India. Maybe you want to research a little bit more on that.


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Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Thanks for visiting my blog.. will surely check out ur updates too. BTW, it was a nice idea to create a tag in this topic..


Thanks for ur support..
nice to know many people are creating awareness abt global warming .. will visit ur blog for sure