Tuesday, 14 August 2007

A sad demise ...

A friend of mine from school (Adithya Rao) passed away in a road accident couple of days back when the bike he was travelling in as a pillion rider was hit by a lorry from the opposite direction .

He was a student of one of the renowned engineering college in the city . The accident took place just a few metres away from college . And when he was injured badly ,a few students had already gathered there to give help. When they tried stopping their college bus which was passing by, to rush Adithya to the hospital . The driver refused to offer them help without the management’s permission even after knowing the student was form their own college.. After making arrangements to take Adithya to the hospital by other means.. He was announced dead on arrival and was said he could have been saved if he had reached half hour before..

More details about the incident can be read here..

Where has all the humanity gone?? This is so hurting , especially in a place like Chennai where the people are considered to be hospitable..

Adithya was a new comer to school in the 11th grade . But, he was an instant hit with the students and teachers with his charming manners and intelligence . Never knew a single person who would talk bad about him .. Thou’ we never were in the same class I knew him through the competitions we used to take part together .. Will miss those good ol’ times ..

Rest in peace Adi . You were a great friend to all of us. We all miss you.

May god give his parents and sister the strength to bear the huge loss…

So, Dear readers

While you travel by a two wheeler plz put your helmets on and drive safe (especially in India and most parts of Chennai where safety is being overlooked both by the individual and the government)

And when you travel by car have your seat belts on..

Please avoid drunken driving ..

Have a safe ride, help whenever you can and have a lovely life...


tulipspeaks said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.
I lost my own friend to a freak accident just outside the school gate 10 years ago, and its still haunting me! :(


whAt A LiFe said...

Tat's very sad to know shalu. Those irresponsible drivers should be given a heavy punishment.

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

@ tulip
I know its really bad and even more when its someone u know.. Hope people start driving a little responsibly..

@ what a life:
So, true akka .. Irresponsible drivers should be punished . I jus' feel so bad for his family..

chronicwriter said...