Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Musical memories

I was out with my grand mom last evening , when I met my music teacher after nine long years .. I am glad she remembered me (who wouldn’t remember a girl who used to doze off in her classes.. lol)

This brought back sweet as well some funny memories of my child hood.. I started taking carnatic music lessons when I was in my 3rd grade( ie. When I was around 7 yrs.old) ..My grandparents used to drop me in the class and take me back home. I was hardly interested in carnatic music back then and I so wanted my parents to put me in a dance class as I love dance.. But, for some odd reasons my mum wanted me to go to singing class.. And, I was very well convinced when I came to know one of my best friend has also enrolled for it.. This jus’ made me more enthusiastic for the initial few days but I gradually lost out interest as days passed by, but now the irony is that I love carnatic music as well.
But, few things I still laugh about where the times I used to doze off while singing ( what can a small lil girl do when she is rushed to the music class after her school.. :p).
The way I used to feel nice about myself , when my music teacher allows me to handle the Harmonium (only later I realised she gave the harmonium to handle to keep me away from dozing .. :D) .. And the specially made food and prashad she gives us during Vijayadasmi (a festival devoted for the job you do, its considered sacred to start your career or start with singing lessons etc..)

Also this only makes me realise its ages since I practised my music lessons.. Guess I should at least practise for sometime everyday .



Haahahah !!..
Ive been learning Carnatic for the past One year... And Ive really been very passionate about it.. I initially first Joined Carnatic for 3mths when I was 13.. But I hated the teacher .. She was an Old Lady who really made me sleep with her singing.. Whereas now , My current teacher is an angel voiced sweet lady.. She's really biggest gift ..

By the way..

Hands UP !!!

You be Tagged :P

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

I ll take up your tag :). Will do it by tomorrow ..

Its good your passionate about it. Now I love singing too after winning a couple of competitions in school, something which ignited the spirit within ..