Thursday, 2 August 2007

Concern for global warming

This was one post I wanted to write for almost a month , now I'm finally here with it..
Have we ever wondered how beautiful our nature is?? If ya, why don' we help preserving it atleast,even if not improving it...
We get so much from nature and its resources for our well being , but what do we give back in return .. Carbon dioxide and other poisonous substances which spoil our dear earth ?!?!! Ya,it is the bitter truth and we got to face it..
Then again are we so selfish?? Don' we care for the place we live (earth)??

Let's contribute our small deeds which will help preserve nature and prevent global warming.. With so much of awareness campaign conducted all over the world , LIVE EARTH concert , movies which talk about the ill effects of global warming ( inconvenient truth, The simpsons movie..) and many more which I don' know...

Let's all do our little things to cut out on global warming..
1. Use more fuel efficient vehicles, as this gives out less carbon dioxide..
2. use vehicles when its only necessary
3. use renweable sources of energy ( wind, solar power..)
4. Reduce, reuse, recyle .. This saves 70% of the energy..
5. replace incandescant light bulbs with compact fluroscent bulbs
5. Don't waste water
6. Plant trees , protect forests as they take in co2
7. create awareness among people about global warming
8. Use air conditioner only when necessary
9. Drive smartly , keep car tyres inflated
10. carpool when you can.. Its fun and saves energy as well..
11. Say NO (ya, a big no) to synthetic substances whenever possible.
12. Buy organic food.. Chemicals used in mordern agriculture pollute water and require energy to produce...

Remember ,Every person makes a difference .. Lets look forward for a green and a healthy environment in the future.

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