Wednesday, 19 December 2007

My day to day rambling...

This week is turning out to be something like I have never seen before .. My room is so messy and so is my house and it smells paint everywhere... Im jus' praying all the time that I don't end up feeling sick during my presentation which is to be held at the later part of the week..( we will come to that later)

For the last 3 days I have been preparing for my prsentation in an elevated position .. let me explain.. On my cot there were 3 beds stacked and i was sitting on top of it and preparing.. was so FUNNY.. and to top it all we had some guests dropping by home today for you know what ??? They wanted to have a look at our home as they are planning to renovate their house.. huff..So we had to show our messy house to them .. I wonder what they thot at the moment thou' they knew we were re painting it.. I jus' so felt that I wasn't at home when they dropped by ... Usually everyone decides to paint when its not raining , so did we.. but from the day we started painting its been raining cats and dogs ( not literally thou') this again makes things all the more messy .. And we can't stop with the work , as this is the only time we get to do before new year and Pongal ( a south indian festival)..

My messy room with everything stocked in here
the mess continues...

a flake of paint which was scrapped out..

wardrobes covered before painting...

all the painting stuff..

So, about my presentation .. Im presenting a paper in the International conference on global Entrepreneurship which is to be held in my college for the next 3 days. And the details of my paper ,will write it in another post .. I have been informed that my paper is selected and i need to present it in the conference but haven't got the information on which day i will be presenting as yet..Im sure there are no presentations on the first day of the conference as per the schedule, so that's iving me a little peace.. Im jus' so worried as this is the 1st presentation im gonna do.. Wish me good luck and I jus' hope all turns out to be fine..

I might not be around in the blogsville much for the next 3 days .. Have a great week and a wonderful weekend!


Kuttibalu said...

wish you the very best for the presentation.

Good Luck.

--xh-- said...

great :) wish you all the luck. and this mess - hm.. i think my rooms sometimes look more messy than this without any activity going on...

Vasanthan said...

i am sure your house will look very nice when it is all done.

Any way best of luck in your presentation. Just get enough rest and never question your ability. You have what it takes to give a excellent presentation and there is only one shot, make it your best shot.Don't give a damn about what the audience think about you.
And then tell us how you nailed the presentation.

Lena said...

All the very best luck!
but dont worry, everything will be fine, when you know what you are talking about, it is much more easier, and since you already showed to everyone that your paper was great you will only now prove it again :)

Once again good luck! :)

Kalyan said...

Wishing you all the best for your presentation!

Drama Div@ said...

I really wish you all the best with your presentation.. :P

p/s: I truly hate painting unless it's mess-free :P

i can see u also add your signature at the bottom of your posts. nice!

tulipspeaks said...

1st conference paper huh? :) no worries.. u definitely will feel nervous etc.. but about 2 mins into it, things will get normal.

been there b4! hehehehe.

have a nice (painting) weekend.