Sunday, 23 December 2007

ICGE - Updated with pics

The International conference on global Entrepreneurship was held at SRM University in the outskirts of Chennai from Dec 20-22nd 2007 . I was one of the delegates and it was the first time I'm participating in something like this thou' I have been thinking of pursuing a career in Entrepreneurship for a couple of years now. I presented a paper on "Entrepreneurship in the Hospitality Industry" (guess I was one of the youngest participants in the conference) . I enjoyed the whole experience and looking forward for more such events.

The Chief guest of the conference was Ashok Soota (Chairman and MD Mindtree consulting) . There were very many invited talks from eminent people from world over . Had participants from India, Singapore, Japan, US and Iran . It was a very diverse and new experience for me. The most interesting part of this conference was the panel discussion . There were panel discussions in the areas of Women Entrepreneurship , Educational Entrepreneurship, Youth Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship .

Panel discussion on Women and Youth Entrepreneurship were a few of my favorites as I was able to connect with what they spoke.. If I go into detail Im sure the post would continue for pages . The most inspiring talks were by Shalin jain and Sarath Babu , the two youth Entrepreneurs . The panel discussions were most headed by prof. from Virginia university and Women Entrepreneurship panel was geaded by Dr.Sushila rao (C0-founder Soft skills India).

These 3 days turned out to be very enlightening and I have gained a lot too and have come up with a few quotes myself , will share it with you guys in my Moday morning inspiration. Thank you all for your wishes ,like I said my presentation went well ..

This post is not complete yet have a few pics to upload my broadband is kinda low, so uploading pics at the moment is taking time . Will let you all know after uploading , you can see the upload message in my title.. :)

Inaugration of the conference by planting saplings (There is one big story behind why they chose to plant saplings for inaugration , that might take up another full post)

Panelists of the Women Entrepreneurship discussion

Panelist of the educational entrepreneurship discussion

Mr. Sarath Babu and Mr.Shalin Jain , during the panel discussion on Youth Entrepreneurship

Sarath Babu's mom - the lady who helped him reach great heights . (I spoke to both of them and they are so down to earth and humble . Hats off to the mom - son duo )

That's Shalin Jain's entreprise - they have come up with some amazing softwares.

Shalin Jain's blog space

Mr.Sarath Babu during his talk .

Sorry, about the poor quality of the pics . Thanks for bearing with me :)


Vasanthan said...

Well done on the conference.
Keep your dream about entrepreneurship alive and always belief in yourself, this conference was the first step in your sucess.

--xh-- said...

wow, thatz just great. i am sure the exposure you got will help u in future. waiting for the quotes :)