Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Yipee.. Its Holidays!!

Yup, I'm back and now its an all new me.. No exams, no worries, no books to cry with for that matter I hardly stay at home.. To be specific my holidays started over the weekend and should I call it the writer's block or my laziness that put me away form my blog except for my Monday morning Inspiration . But now there are so many incidents that happened in the last couple of hours that made me write this post and bring me back to ful fledgged blogging (yup, I mean a new post every few hrs.. thats wat I call ful fledgged :) ).

It is during these lazy times when I spend most of my time orkutting and stay away from my blog thou' I have stuffs to write .. I get a mail from Sudarshan Srinivasan. He is the guy who started Twillight takeout, the restaurant about which I have blogged about here. He had went through my review and I was all the more happy to see that he has took all the efforts to mail me about my work.. To top it all he offered to send me some free food as well(He sure seems to be a nice person :) ). Well me being the good girl I am will opt to pay for my meal and will surely review about the food as well in my In and around Chennai blog :). Will let you guys know once I put the post up there. And another reason for me to quickly make this post is my cousin Sriram who has re-started blogging and thinks my blog has inspired him to do so *Happily grinning* (Now, how can I be without not posting anythin in my blog . So, thats another reason I'm here..)

And about my holidays, I have a one month long vacation which I'm totally excited about after my rigourous semester filled with exams , assignments, attendance to maintain et all.. Got whole lot of plans for my vacation will make it my next post.. Me planning to watch a lot of good movies in these hols too.. So, if you guys would like to suggest some movie to me do please drop in a comment. Have a great week ahead and to those of you enjoying your holidays.. Happy holdays!


Bit Rocks! said...

shalini,watch kuruvi n Arasangam....Naan perra inbam ivvaiyagamum peruga!!!

If u want 2 hear good songs..hear jaane tu ya jaane na songs..its cool!

Happy holidays 2 !!!enjoy!!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Thanks for your suggestion.. Will surely watch themm.. lol heard lots abt both the movies. Will never mind watchin them thou' me big time Vj fan so its ok.. And for Arasangam .. some comdey times :)

I heard jaane tu is too good but yet to download it.. Will do that soon as well.

Bit Rocks! said...

Oh vijay fan!!!BT STILL u shld hv patience 2 watch that:)Captain rocks in Arasangam particularly in sm romance scenes:)..

Anju said...

oh yes yes yes, tons of great movies! Indiana Jones, Iron Man, Juno, and not to mention the new SITC one that I am dying to watch. I have to warn you about something though. You can read more about it on my blog :)

Lena said...

I've watched "21" recently. really enjoyed it :)
Have fun, Shalini! Enjoy your hols!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

@bit rocks

lol.. Planning to watch it over the weekend.


Thanks so much, will surely check them out and ur blog as well :)


Would check it out for sure dear :)

Vasanthan said...

Being a Vijay fan i know it is very hard not to watch it, please watch it in a good cinema like Satyam, cos the sound effects will complement the painful parts of the movie.

Kamal's Dasavatharam is undoubtedly going to be a mega hit. i need not remind and Indians to watch it.

Indiana Jones is a good movie that you should catch.

and Happy holidays!!

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