Saturday, 7 June 2008

My things to do for the holidays..

Until my holidays started I jus' had this notion where in I can just laze around all the while, sleep, eat, meet friends and on the whole become one big time lazy goose. But things are not that way anymore. Its almost a week since my vacation started and here I am having a whole lot of things to catch up with..

These are the things I have planned to do in my vacation

1. Clean my room
2. Meet up with my school friends
3. Attend the Chennai bloggers meet,get to know a few fellow bloggers (I'm excited!)
4. Start with my internship
5. Learn a new language
6. Try out some new restaurants that have come up recently
7. Catch up with all the good movies thats been released and also download the list of movies which I have always wanted to see.
8. start with my travel blog and start posting regularly in my other blogs as well.
9. Finish reading the books that i shopped in the last few months
10. Shop for clothes for my next semester
11. Go for an eye check-up ( ya, I did this today)
12. Get in touch with a few of my school pals.
13. Watch lots of Travel and Living
14. Plan for a short trip somewhere to close by destination with my family
15. Prepare for CAT/GMAT
16. Prepare for business quiz contests.

That's my plan for the vacation. At the end of my vacation I ll post on how many tasks I was able to complete. Have a great weekend friends :)


Bit Rocks! said...

seeing by ur list, i m astonished whether r u in vacation or not:)I think u ll b more busier than in ur normal cge days:)Anyways all the best..My holiday tasks wld be watch tv,eat n sleep:)

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Yup, happens sometimes. I'm all the more occupied in holidays than I'm at other times :)

Anonymous said...

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