Saturday, 7 June 2008

Yet another blog..

Im here again to introduce you all to another blog which I came across Nishas world of interests. The author of this blog is a young mum to the one year old baby Alisha. This blog talks about celebrity gossips, recipes, baby and health info, some interesting information thats been happening in the author s life and also about baby Alisha. This blog has been in the blogsville for over a year. My first thought on entering this blog was .. OMG! so many links I ve got to check out. Yup, there are so many blogs that have been linked to which you might wanna check out during your blog hopping sessons. The author has recently joined social spark, one of the advertising sites that help bloggers make some money. So, those of you who have some queries regarding that can also find your answers in her blog. Happy blogging!

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