Sunday, 22 June 2008

My week

My week was too good to say the least, I have been going for an in plant training at GRT hotels for the last one week, have another week of training to go. Me and my friend D have been going through this whole process in jus' a weeks time there was so much we could gain. Thou' the two of us are from the Information technology background, we are planning to make our career in the Hospitality Industry. So, this has been the first step towards our dream and we are certainly not disappointed. The experience we got there and the people we met has inspired us so much. Looking forward for the week ahead :)

That's me in my formal attire :)
I also happened to attend friend D's cousin's wedding reception yesterday and got a glimpse of many celebrities from the tinsel town. No, no I didn't go about clicking pics or getting autographs but jus' enjoyed the moment with friends and their family.

Happy weekend to you all! :)


Abhishek Khanna said...

cool.. formals..
hows it to listen goodmorning boss.. goodevening boss?

Vasanthan said...

How did you and your friend get the intern program, did your school arrange it or u guys self secured a position?
Hotel management, seems interesting. Actually the It industry and hotels aren't to far apart. i have done projects for a few hotels in Singapore, and having managers with IT knowledge is a big plus, it made my proposal process very easy.

IT to hotel industry is like mayonnaise to a burger, you can do without it but it will suck.

Bit Rocks! said...

hey shalini!

Good to know that u ppl take implant training seriously.I jst took it bcooz i want 2 go out of my home:-)I never took it seriously.And wats ur future ambition??Did u watch 10avtharam?u had so many tasks fr holidays rite??hw s the other tasks gng???
U look 2 good n smart in formals!pukka professional good!keep going!


Nirmal said...

hey u looking great in this...

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


It's not all that bad as its jus' good morning and good eve.. :) No boss :)


Actually we got it through a person whom we knew and he in turn knew people in the hotel. He was the liking factor. No, it was nt arranged by our university, its got nothing to do with our course. Was jus' out of our own interest.

Sounds great to know you ve got experience in the hotel industry as well :)

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Thanks! ya, we did take the intern seriuosly as this was our passion, it didnt actuaaly have anything to do with our course of study. It was out of our own interest :)


Thanks! :)

KG said...

Shals...randomly visiting your blog.

Job in Hospitality industry seems to be in right direction..

Like, combining Passion with Zing.

Comment on your attire...hmmmmm..(whispering in your ear!)


Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Thanks for your visit, would be glad to see you here more often :)

Absolutely, can't agree more with your views on the job scene in the Hospitality Industry. Wish to make my career there :)