Wednesday, 16 January 2008

People's car - TATA Nano

The most hyped and the most awaited people's car from the TATA conglomerate saw its debut at the Auto Expo in Delhi on Jan 10th 2008. This is the cheapest car in the world costing Rs.1 lakh ($2500) .

With it, it is not just bring the cheapest car tag, but brings in a revolution of its own in the car market. Ratan Tata , Chairman of the TATA Conglomerate has kept up his word of giving the world the 1 lakh car.

"When others said NO, he said NANO" and yes, he has kept up his promise thou' the commodity prices have shot up from the time he had promised years back :)

Thou' there were a lot of critics talking about safety norms, pollution control and the car adding to the ever increasing traffic in the Indian cities , those issues never seemed to bother me (more so because I was a TATA fan myself) . But one thing that I was always a little concerned about was "How will the car look?" .
After bringing about a whole new revolution in the car market, you don't want the car to look like a share auto or a some metal box with wheels .

You, don't want the car to look like this rite??

And , finally here is the answer to all the critics "the 624 cc, 33 HP petrol engine meets Bharat Stage-III emission norms and can also meet the Euro 4 norms. " as told by Mr.Tata himself .

And what does the car look like??

I think it looks really cute . It is to hit the roads by Nov 2008 . If I make adequate money by blogging ads, I might also think of buying one for myself :)


Noushy Syah said...

The design exactly the same like smart car here:) convenient for doing daily to and fro errant,parking is easier!!

Sudhakar said...

Nice post.

Vasanthan said...

The car looks very affordable.
i hope Singapore would import it. and still maintain the low price