Thursday, 24 January 2008

My apology , hostel and college

Hi people I'm back . I'm really sorry for not posting my MMI . I moved to hostel on Sunday and i heard from my friends that we have access to Wi-fi but later on after reaching the place I found out that the connection is not all that good it gets disconnected very often, even before a page can get loaded. So, thats the reason for not doing my MMI and no posts after leaving home..

I have planned to get a data card over this weekend, which i guess should solve all the problem and get me back to my blogging regularly .

Life in hostel is so much fun , get a lot of free time in hand and about my new class that is awesome as well. Thanks to all of you who wished me good luck . Its been almost a week time since I'm here and its all been great :)

We are three people in a room and i'm glad to have such fun room mates. They are really sweet and fun to be around with and we also have the same frequency in thoughts .So, that puts everything in place :)

Its jus' a few days I have been around them and still the thought of them leaving the hostel in a couple of months makes me feel so upset. When I get back home tomorrow evening will drop by all your blogs and reply to your comments.

Have a great weekend !

Will be going home for the weekend and


livin' with me said...

Hope things are going well for you. Looking forward to when you post regularly again.

Lena said...

Glad to know you like it there in hostel :)
Looking forward to your MMI :)
have a great day!!

--xh-- said...

it certenly feel nice to be among friends.. :) enjoy the campus life.. :)

Vasanthan said...

3 roomies would be a lot of fun. i am sad for the poor internet connection. i am an expert with WIFI, and i could help you with the loss of connection, if u tell me details of your problem.

btw whats the data card that u were talking abt? a wireless interface card?

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Things are fine here :) Enjoying myself with the new friends I have made:)
I'm back to posting regularly again. Keep in touch dear! :)


I'm sorry about not being able to write MMI the week before. Blame it on the internet connection :(


It surely does. It's a completely new experience and I'm liking it:)


Ya, it is total fun here. I'm actually thankful to god for being with people whom I can get along easily with, else cant really think of the bad times I would face in hostel .As for the internet connection , I guess a data card is a wireless interface card..

As of now I'm fine with the net connection coz of the data card. So, guess I would keep myself updated with all your posts :)