Thursday, 17 January 2008

Its awards time again :)

It is awards time again at random thoughts :). It is always great to get to know new people in the blogsville and is all the more interesting when they come back to read your blog over and over again and leave some wonderful comments . This is when you know that there are people in different parts of the world who care to read what you have to say, that eventually leaves a smile in your face :) . I believe there should be recognition and appreciation for a good work.

Lena and Preetilata have gone a step further and have honored me with some wonderful awards last week . Thank you so much Lena and Preeti , it has always been great getting to know you and you guys have always made me happy with your regular visits to my blog and not to forget your comments and awards :) .

My first award is from Lena . It is called the lovable blog award :)

I'm so glad to recieve it from you Lena , as I love your blog too :)
I would like to pass this award to
Reading your blogs always makes me feel good :)
The next couple of awards are from Preetilata , thanks so much dear you've always encouraged me with your comments and now with your awards :)
The Egle Nest blogger award (this is the first award I recieved from Melanie few months back) was created by Brad egle as a way to honor your friends who have excellent blogs.

I would like to pass this award over to Kutti balu , Noushy, Lena, Sudhakar, PK,Raghavan.
The final one here is the rocking girl award I recieved from Preetilata , a rocking girl herself :)
I would like to pass this award to all girl bloggers in my blogroll :)
I hope you all would pass these awards to your deserving blog friends and link back from where you got it to contine the chain of friendship and happiness .
P.S : I guess most of you would have seen the increase in the number of paid ads I have been doing recently . I know it sometimes irritates readers , so for the ease of my blog friends I'm planning to link my MMI (monday morning Inspirations), WW (Wordless wednesdays) like the way I have done my experiences at Singapore which you can find at the top right corner of the side bar as I understand many of my blog friends would drop by to read these , whereas I wouldn't be linking my other day to day ramblings . Hope this is fine with all my blog friends :)
I'm starting my 4th semester at my University tomorrow and will be moving to hostel over the weekend . This wouldn't stop me blogging thou' I might not be able to blog regularly .
Enjoy your awards and spread them around Blogsville ! :)


Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Thats very sweet of u dear :)
Thanku for the award and congrats 2 u! :)

Sudhakar said...

Thanks for the award .Nice of you again .
and hey is it really worthwhile to put google ads etc.Do you think they are worth while.
And above all best wishes for your exams.

Lena said...

Thank you so much, Shalini :)
thats so sweet of you!
I am glad you accepted the awards in such a wonderful way!!

take care! :)