Saturday, 12 January 2008

Last few hours in Singapore

It has been a wonderful trip , lot of memories im carrying back home. I jus' hope I will be able to come back here sometime in the later.. Mt flight will be leaving Singapore in about 4 hours. So, will be back to my ususal blogging by tomorrow evening. Hope all of you are doing great



Vasanthan said...

i am glad that the trip was a memorable one. Have a safe trip back home.
did u try any of the restaurants i suggested? How was sentosa?

preetilata said...

oh! dearie! u r coming bk ! but alas d trip cm to an end.

but i m happy u r coming bk with bagsss full of memories and baskets full of happinessssss.

n yes...m sure u will agn visit singapore n many more beautiful places in ur future. my wishes r thr with u alwys.

nw gt bk 2 blogging as soon as u r hr. i am dying 2 listen to ur beautiful atories about ur wonderful trip.

lv u...(((HUGS)))

:) :) :)

Noushy Syah said...

Time flies..

Hope you enjoy the trip with good memories to share with us.have a pleasant trip and safe journey back.

Cu soon.

Drama Div@ said...

Welcome back ans I’m glad you had a good time in spore.

--xh-- said...

glad to hear that u had a wonderful trip.. waiting to hear more abt it.. :)

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Thank you so much! It was indeed a plesant and a memorable trip :) . Thank you for your suggestions I did try a few restaurants and I loved the laser show at Sentosa, the other stuffs were good too :)


That was so sweet of you! I have started writing about my trip , check them out and let me know your views. Thanks for your wishes dearie . May I wish you the same too :)


Thanks dear.It was great!Have lots to share with you all .. Check my coming posts to read my experiences:)

@Drama diva

Thanks so much!


Check out my coming posts,you miht find them interesting :)