Thursday, 3 January 2008

Vegetarian food in Singapore , shopping , Sentosa

Singapore is known for its diverse cusine , with Singaporeans all time favourite hobby being eating . I'm sure most of my readers from Singapore, those of you who have been there earlier would be able to help me around with my queries

After a lot of googling and reading about Singapore , there are a few things I would like to know more about..

Me being a vegitarian (don' mind egg and milk based stuff in my food)I would like to know if there are any particu;ar local cusine falling under the veg. category which I should try out during my visit to Singapore.

I heard Simlim square is a favourite place to buy electronic goods, but also read some rave reviews saying they might cheat you with the price or give you low quality products . Do you suggest anything ? Any thing I should beware off?

Lastly, I would like to know what is the average time one could spend in Sentosa, as of now we have planned to drop by from morning till night. Is staying in the place recommended to have more fun?


Compassion Unlimitted said...

Shopping in singapore..there can be no shop cheaper than Md Mustapha on the very Indian Serangoon road. ButI guess window shopping no place to beat the Orchard, one day should be more than sufficient at sentosa..Veggie hotels you will find them all over again in serangoon rd starting from Komala etc etc
Enough shalini...wait till others disapprove of my
Belated wishes for a happy new year

Noushy Syah said...


So when are you take off to Singapore? Hope you will have a wonderful time and enjoy yea..BTW,perhaps you could visit this blog:

She's a Singaporean...perhaps she might assist you..

Vasanthan said...

for Indian vegetarian food u can try
"komala's". this is their webby:
they also deliver so you don't have to worry about finding an outlet.

to buy computer products there are 2 places. "Funan centre, a.k.a Funan the IT mall" which is just outside "cityhall" train station.
Sim Lim Square is the cheaper choice. i know the shop called "song brother" has bad reviews but other then that all other shops are alright. my recomendation:"Fuwell". i have bought bought parts and build 4 PCs from Fuwell and i assure you,, you will low quality parts. every shop has a price list outside their shop, you can just pick it up and compare prices.

if you are looking into buying laptops going to "PC-Connect" in funan centre would be the best choice. i have worked there and know through experience that it is good service.

If you goto hawker centers there are some shops that says vegetarian owned by Chinese. they are buddist and their diet does not even have milk in it so it is safe.

just e-mail me, if u need more details.

Vasanthan said...

as for Sentosa i recommend u spend one entire day there. Siloso beach is a nice place that u can picnic with your family. my Buddy is a lifeguard there and he used to tell me, that there is a hanging bridge that will go across a lagoon to a very tiny island, that island is the closest island to the equator.

just take the free tram around.

Vasanthan said...

Eat some mock meat, Chinese restauraunts. (Mock meat are mostly made from Soya beans)
try the local dishes and still stay vegetarian.

1. The Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant
it is located in "Quality Hotel"
here is the contact to make reservations
(click the link to F&B outlets and scroll down.)
Daily opening hours
Lunch: 1130hrs - 1500hrs
Dinner: 1800hrs - 2200hrs
Call (65) 6254 0090 for reservations.

2. just check out this link it has a few good restaurants.

Drama Div@ said...

Shalini, you need at least one whole day if you want to visit the various parts @ Sentosa island.. dont forget to try the ice cream sandwiches which come in a bunch of different flavors... Hard Rock Cafe is near to orchard road... most of the time, u can find ppl selling veggie food @ any foodcourt at the shopping malls including Takashimaya....

lalitha said...

Hey gal, Takashimaya, though the product is good, they are pretty expensive. The best place to go for vegetarian food is to go "Little India" for authentic Indian food. A lot of Indian foods tehre. U can board the MRT and alight at "Little India". Sentosa is an ok place. But again , i must caution u abt the prices since its a tourist spot place.U can visit malls (North Point, Causeway Point, WestMall) etc...Funan IT mall is an excellent place to purchase yr IT equipments.No fallacy... Orchard is an excellent place to taste cuisines of differnt countries. U can choose to take vegetarian chinese food... If u are a nature loving person, you shld go down to Botanical Gardens. Please bring alot of water as refreshments over there are limited and rather very expensive ... Temples in Singapore are opened till 9.30pm (some)if you are planning for evening prayers. Preparing for chalet or BBQ, you can choose to go to Downtown east @ Pasir Ris. The prices are reasonable and Paris Ris has exotic sunset located beside the seaside. You can go to VivoCity ( get down at Harbourfront MRT)... International quality products are there.... I hope this little info is of useful to u.. Welcome to Singapore:)