Monday, 21 June 2010

My 3rd blogoversary

It has been three wonderful years since I'm a proud blogger. On June 13 2007 I did my very first post and was so skeptical about how long I would blog and how many posts I would make and the kinda response I would get from my readers. But, my expectation have all been more than answered to with 435 posts, numerous friends and well wishers, lots of fame, quite a bit of money and so much confidence and morale support that I got during my dull times I'm so happy that I got into blogging and I appreciate each of your views and suggestions that I have always been open to.. It is only coz of you blog friends that I'm able to keep going ..

I would like to consider this a wonderful opportunity to thank you all for your support and encouragement and connecting to me via my blog. Will always be here to keep this space alive and kicking, please excuse my absence coz I'm in this hectic training program being conducted by my organization. But, this is not gonna keep me long away from blogging .. See you all soon :) :)

Thursday, 10 June 2010

My first day at work

Today was the day I started my career .. I know I'm going to remember this day for like ever.. I was thrilled .. I was excited until I got to know that I have to start work so early , whereas my friends are enjoying their vacation and they will continue doing it for another few months..

The day went by in a good way .. I liked it .. I ended up filling a bunch of forms and going through a series of presentation after which came the part of the day I liked the most - meeting all the people in the department I would belong .. Things went well, but some thing is keeping me away from being my cheery self ..

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Moving into the next phase of life ..

The day has come where I will be officially joining work. It is the 10th of June 2010 - my first day at my first job in Ernst and Young. In a way I am excited about the whole transition phase but the thought of not being able to be around friends with whom I have lived the last few years with makes me sulk... But this is not going to be for too long.. I'm jus praying all goes well :))

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Shops, shopping and more ( Blog marathon post 5)

My last few days right from the time my college got over .. which is like about two weeks ago, most of the time I'm out shopping for myself, or getting stuffs for friends or buying stuff for house needs..

One place that I've been constantly visiting is the ampa sky walk mall in Aminjikarai, off Anna arch. This is a relatively new shopping paradise to the chennaites in addition to Spencer plaza, Citi center etc .. I'm excited to visit the new express mall which is likely to open in a month or so which has some big names opening up their outlets in Chennai for the first time ..

With the mushrooming of shops and malls at ever nook and corner, proving to the world that India has finally recovered from the financial downfall everything seems to be on demand. The main aspect being well trained man power especially in shops.

I was at the Spencer's daily outlet at Adyar and the Reliance fresh outlet both within a weeks time and it was sad to know that during the peek sale times they only have two of their billing counters open and we had a queue with over 10 - 15 customers in each queue. And the reason being lack of staff for billing.

In contrast to this was the newly opened Tata Star Bazaar in the Ampa sky walk mall. With my dad's insistence me, mum and dad went here today to pick some grocery stuffs for the week and to my surprise the place was so so very huge and my dad said the store was almost similar to the one's that you find in the U.S. where you could get most products in bulk and pay a lower cost for them compared to most other places. The place is huge with almost every item one would need to maintain a home including electronics, clothes etc .. And the most astonishing part was that they had 27 billing counters and all functional .. We didn't have to wait for more than a couple of minutes to get our stuffs billed ..

I think with more new stores opening up, the old ones should at the least be maintaining fast customer service to help them save a few customers at the end of the day. Else the term retail therapy have to redefined to wanting a therapy after each shopping expedition.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Alma matter continues ..

The second major interview happened during my transition to higher secondary schooling. It wasn't much, all that mattered there was my 10th board exam marks and the mark that I had scored of that particular school .. I remember having applied to two schools - S.B.O.A school and junior college where I did till my 10th grade and S.B.I.O.A model HSS which is another sister concern of the SBOA group of schools.

I gained admission into both the schools and in the group I wanted to.. I opted to go with S.B.I.O.A model HSS which then was in the same campus as my old school but taught state board syllabus which was then considered t be easier than CBSE from which I moved in. This is one decision that I truly regret having took in my life, not that the new school was bad but I liked the earlier one better and I always think my higher secondary schooling would have been more the way I wanted it to be had I not changed schools .. I see a number of students who have the same problem when changing schools during their 11th and 12th grade ..

The best competition for admission comes when selecting the tution for the various subjects. I have never had tution classes in all my years of schooling except for in 12th grade .. When everyone opts to go to popluar names in the city for tution, one gets the urge to join in to avoid being left out from some extra info that may help you score the tens of marks more ... At the end, tution classes turn out to be yet another place to have fun with friends ..

Moving out of school and into a university was one of the first tough decisions (it was tough back then) to make in life .. since it was left to me to decide.. I love my decision completely now, yet another place I loved being in and being a part of SRM University :)

I am into the next phase of life now .. more interviews.. more admissions .. be it what may I truly wish and pray life is as exciting and fun filled as it has always been with great people around.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

My alma matter

I was waiting near the gate of M.C.C school in Harrington road to meet my friend D who was there to talk to the head master to get a place for admitting one of his friend for higher secondary schooling... I was surprised to see the amount of crowd, the number of students and parents thronging the school. This reminded me of the 3 admissions that I have come across successfully and in the process of obtaining the fourth.

My first two alma matter comes from the S.B.O.A group of schools. I walked in there as a toddler wearing a green frock for the first interview of my life .. where they asked me my name .. identify colors, fit the shapes into the respective slots and they gave me a chocolate and an admission into what I proudly call my school "S.B.O.A school and junior college".

My beautiful twelve years of my life (from lower kindergarten to my tenth grade) where at this place - I feel so thankful to my parents to having put me in this wonderful institution which I always will be proud of. It was at this place I made friends for life, I learn't some wonderful songs which we always sung during morning prayers, the place were I learn't so much morals about life, the place where I realized my love for dance, the place that got me good recognition for my singing, the place where I had my first crush, the place from where I first bunked, how celebrating birthdays in school used to be so much fun by jus' sharing chocolates with friends and teachers - My birthday usually falls during my summer vacation and every year I made it a point I celebrated a school birthday in march jus' for the reason to wear color dress to school ... I loved wearing my school uniform I have still saved a couple of them for my remembrance.

The creamy inn opposite to my school is yet another place which I cherish to having spent some fun times with friends :)

Alma matter series to continue ..

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Paratha Tasting (Blog marathon post 2)

It was the last official working day of our college for our batch - Final years "The batch of 2010". After meeting almost all the friends and sharing pleasantries and after rejoicing at the thought there isn't going to be any exams in the near future and especially no maths exam ever again in life we bid adieu to all our pals and teachers.

The evening of 17th May was a day to rejoice, we had the paratha tasting get together at the guindy rocker's paradise at Dhanalakshmi flats (I'm already missing this place too much). Ash, joy, guruji, Bholu, Killa, Abi, Kaustav and Ritu hosted a bunch of us to an evening of Parathas - the best of kind I've ever tasted and it was truly one of a kind evening that I enjoyed the most.

Every time Ashish said their cook was wonderful, I never took it too seriously until that evening where I was treated to those yummy parathas.. what a treat it was to our taste buds.. Every time I think of those parathas and I become hungry..

Nice hot parathas topped with butter accompanied with some corn and paneer subji.. I wonder if I could ever get to taste parathas like that ever again. We had five different types of Paratha dal paratha, aloo paratha, cheeni paratha, paneer paratha and masala paratha .. When I start a restaurant I sure would make Vikas - the cook of guindy rockers as one of our chefs.

That was the first and last time I got to taste those wonderful creations *slurp*

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Blogging mararthon

A post each a day for the next 30 days .. Yup, I finally want to try this out after reading about a blog marathon that is being conducted here.

I will be joining work in ten days and I jus' hope I could keep up the spirit of the blog marathon the entire month and always :)


I have finally got my final semester engineering results and hurray I've cleared all the papers and I'm happy to let you all know that I have successfully completed my engineering course with an 81 percentile and hence will be Shalini B.Tech. (or) Er. Shalini.

Whatta journey it has been, I probably should start writing a series containing my various adventures, mis adventures and experiences that I gained in my last few years of doing my graduate studies :)

I'm gladly hoping that each step in life is as fun filled and interesting and successful as this one or even more.