Thursday, 3 June 2010

My alma matter

I was waiting near the gate of M.C.C school in Harrington road to meet my friend D who was there to talk to the head master to get a place for admitting one of his friend for higher secondary schooling... I was surprised to see the amount of crowd, the number of students and parents thronging the school. This reminded me of the 3 admissions that I have come across successfully and in the process of obtaining the fourth.

My first two alma matter comes from the S.B.O.A group of schools. I walked in there as a toddler wearing a green frock for the first interview of my life .. where they asked me my name .. identify colors, fit the shapes into the respective slots and they gave me a chocolate and an admission into what I proudly call my school "S.B.O.A school and junior college".

My beautiful twelve years of my life (from lower kindergarten to my tenth grade) where at this place - I feel so thankful to my parents to having put me in this wonderful institution which I always will be proud of. It was at this place I made friends for life, I learn't some wonderful songs which we always sung during morning prayers, the place were I learn't so much morals about life, the place where I realized my love for dance, the place that got me good recognition for my singing, the place where I had my first crush, the place from where I first bunked, how celebrating birthdays in school used to be so much fun by jus' sharing chocolates with friends and teachers - My birthday usually falls during my summer vacation and every year I made it a point I celebrated a school birthday in march jus' for the reason to wear color dress to school ... I loved wearing my school uniform I have still saved a couple of them for my remembrance.

The creamy inn opposite to my school is yet another place which I cherish to having spent some fun times with friends :)

Alma matter series to continue ..


karthik s said...

ha ha u are great.. i thought i'd say "the place where u had ur first crush" but u put it up urself.. cool.. :D

Vasanthan said...

here in Singapore if parents want their kids to join a particular school they have to do community service. like during the school's sports day or other events, they have to help out in the organizing and talking care of the kids. even before their kids have joined the school.

no money involved!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...




This is news to me, but a nice way to do it :)

Sharmilee! :) said...

Aha Now I got to knw why u knw so many places in Annanagar....I am very near to SBOA school only :)

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


I lived in Anna nagar for 14 years of my life and only then moved to Kilpauk .. But even now I'm there at Anna nagar every day :) I love the place :)

Sharmilee! :) said...

Being from a totally diff zone...I initially didnt like Chennai at all....But annanagar is my fav place too...! Then we should catch up one day....:)