Friday, 4 June 2010

Alma matter continues ..

The second major interview happened during my transition to higher secondary schooling. It wasn't much, all that mattered there was my 10th board exam marks and the mark that I had scored of that particular school .. I remember having applied to two schools - S.B.O.A school and junior college where I did till my 10th grade and S.B.I.O.A model HSS which is another sister concern of the SBOA group of schools.

I gained admission into both the schools and in the group I wanted to.. I opted to go with S.B.I.O.A model HSS which then was in the same campus as my old school but taught state board syllabus which was then considered t be easier than CBSE from which I moved in. This is one decision that I truly regret having took in my life, not that the new school was bad but I liked the earlier one better and I always think my higher secondary schooling would have been more the way I wanted it to be had I not changed schools .. I see a number of students who have the same problem when changing schools during their 11th and 12th grade ..

The best competition for admission comes when selecting the tution for the various subjects. I have never had tution classes in all my years of schooling except for in 12th grade .. When everyone opts to go to popluar names in the city for tution, one gets the urge to join in to avoid being left out from some extra info that may help you score the tens of marks more ... At the end, tution classes turn out to be yet another place to have fun with friends ..

Moving out of school and into a university was one of the first tough decisions (it was tough back then) to make in life .. since it was left to me to decide.. I love my decision completely now, yet another place I loved being in and being a part of SRM University :)

I am into the next phase of life now .. more interviews.. more admissions .. be it what may I truly wish and pray life is as exciting and fun filled as it has always been with great people around.


karthik s said...

very true.. there's no point in shifting to state board jus to score high in your 12th boards.. cbse has much better value over a longer period of time.. i studied in ICSE till my 5th and believe me i studied the same thing again in my 8th grade her in anglo indian board.. :S

but anyways, Hi5.. awesome posts.. keep running the full stretch of ur little marathon here.. ;)
cheers.. :)

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


I totally agree with the school changing thing.. and thank you very much.. I hope I will be able to run the marathon until the end of the month..

asha said...

Goog luck for the blog marathon and congrats to the new engineer.
Don't forget your MMI. Make it a part of your marathon.

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Thank you very much :) and yup will have the MMI coming in as well :)