Sunday, 1 November 2009

Peranmai - Movie review

**spoiler alert**

Jayam ravi (Dhruvan) plays the role of a forest incharge officer , he basically is from the family of mountain tribes and has grown to become the officer he is now. He trains a group of NCC cadets (girls) of which 5 of them are selected to go into the forest.

During which they encounter foreigners entering their forest (which they assumed to be a virgin land inaccessed b human beings) later they find out that the intention of the foreigners is to prevent India from launching the satellite that they have planned to ..

How they go about exploiting the plan and how jayam ravi along with his group of 5 girls fight to save their nation's satellite launch sums up the movie.

It is one if the good movie from kollywood that has hit the screens in recent times. Everyone s acting is appreciable and the way the movie has been taken is beautiful and vey realistic :) A must watch I would say.


Anonymous said...

I started reading your blog (esp Monday Inspiration, in fact only that). I got introduced through your Don't get me get me wrong. Now a days, it seems that you are creating new blogs and dumping them after few posts (I am not aware of your blogs in other blogging sites). Any issues (naming issues or numerology) with those blog names ? Just curious to know.

karthik s said...

the first half is A.. the second half is U.. hence the U/A certificate.. lol, the movie was good but there were times when it looked as if there was some serious problem with the re recording.. so many censor cuts.. but must say, jayam ravi for sure has worked really really hard on this film.. the overall outcome was good.. good movie but still, i felt EERAM was 1000 times better..

sethu341 said...

ThanQ da....Thanks fr ur commment....Il not c d movie after ur comments

sethu341 said...
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Antony said...

Spoiler Alert.....Useful Alert

teendudes said...

Except a few sequences and Jayam Ravi's voice modulation, the movie is damn good. A daring attempt in tamil cinema. Should be welcomed with a red carpet!!!