Monday, 30 November 2009

Some people some moments .. # 1

After so much speculation I have finally decided to come out with this post. I jus' have so much to write and my speculation was all about which to write first .. and finally decided on this one.

It was jus' another random evening when I got a call from friend D.

D: Hey, Wasup?
Me: Nothin' much, jus' online doing a post on my travel blog. What you doin ?
D: I'm in Hot breads , getting loaves of bread
Me: oh ok.. Mom asked you to get ?
D: no, im getting it .. I'm planning to prepare a dish today
Me: oh ok what ?
D: Sandwich
Me: Cool .. have fun ..

He calls again after half an hour

Me: Are you done making the sandwich ??
D: Yup, its in the grill now .. thats y called u .. ok I got to go now. c ya ..

He calls again after 5 mins

D: hmm.. yum! the sandwich is too too good, one of the best I ve ever had.
D: I'm gonna have the entire loaf all by myself.
Me: great! so what all veggies did u use ?
D: capsicum, tomatoe, boiled corn kernel, olives and some baby corn
Me: (thought to my self - not bad ! ) oh ok .. Where s the sandwich for me ?
D: I ll get you tomorrow :)
Me: Ahh! sure ! thanks :)

(The next day)

Me: Hey what you doin ? how come ur up so early ?
D: I'm making sandwich will come and give you in sometime
Me: Cool .. (smiling to myself)

After about an hour D comes and gives me the sandwiches he s made.

Me: thanks da.. thats so sweet of u!
D : my pleasure .. don' forget to heat it before eating , it tastes better that way..
Me: sure!
D: ok i gtg .. c ya

My first bite into the sandwich , the second bite .. yummmmm .. it was indeed very very good! Like D said one of the best sandwiches I ve ever tasted...

(pics coming soon)

Now, guess what this led to ?? This hurt my female ego deeply and the next 2 days saw me doing khakra and aloo paratha and for a first timer it turned out to be pretty good. Years of shouting from my grand mom and mom asking me to learn to cook which saw no improvement from my side .. has finally been changed by this piece of sandwich .. Finally, everyone including me is happy that I finally cooked !

P.S: I hope you guys like my new template, I found this template very apt to go with the christmas and holiday mood :)


Sriram JP said...
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Sriram JP said...

Hey when are u going to invite me for lunch :)

Sharmilee! :) said...

Very true, in my case I never bothered to cook even after my marriage and this food photography thing has made me to go that extra mile to cook :)

Sharmilee! :) said...

Waiting to read more post under tha tag : 'some people some moments' :))

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Anytime :) As long as you dare to ;D

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Sure, will be writing a lot under Some people Some moments :)

Nice, to know you started cooking only late but your interest on it seems like your a pro in the field :) I ve always liked your recipes, most of them seem easy to make :)

Vasanthan said...

Cooking is fun, its the cleaning after wards that i don like.