Wednesday, 21 September 2011

10 Day you challenge - Day 5 of 10 , 6 places

The thought that I had a blog and I miss writing in it continued for over couple of weeks until I saw my aunt's comment asking if I was still satisfying my wants .. Seeing the 5th challenge was to list 6 places nothing could really stop me from getting to do this right away ..

Places to visit has been one of the hottest topic for discussion right from folks at home to friends to colleagues to clients. It looks like six places is a little too less, however I will group the places I would love to visit and the ones I have loved being in as well.

1. Europe (Rome, Italy, UK, Scotland, Venice, Switzerland etc ... )
2. USA
3. The Whole of India
4. Carribean
5. South Africa
6. Australia

Now that is just a big picture :) I would love to hear your favorite places as well !!


sheila said...

will nudge u now n then :)

my fav place...the whole world :)
wish I could travel to each and every corner of the world!! :)

Anonymous said...

In Europe, I think you should not miss Florence (Italy), Paris, Vienna and either Zurich or Geneva!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


I like to be nudged this way :) :)

I would love to travel the world as well, I can never say now to visiting new places :) :)

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Sure thing! I will keep this in mind when I plan my Euro trip :) Thanks a lot !!

Anonymous said...

I would be a little biased saying this of course, but Montreux, my little home town, nestled among the Alps with the Lake of Geneva at its feet is also not to be missed. And while you are here, you must go over to the Gruyere region, to savour the best of the dairy products the happy cows of the region produce. If you wish to have a little 'foretaste' of its countryside, watch "Asai Asai Ippoluthu" video and it should give you a little hang of it.

Finally, I promise to stop here, Berlin is now an as yet relatively undiscovered 'must' visit place in Europe, so I'd recommend that too.