Saturday, 3 September 2011

10 Day you challenge - Day 3 of 10

Eight fears on Day 3 has taken me a long time to come up with .. But I never thought I would be doing it from Yelagiri hills .. I'm right now on a weekend getaway in Yelagiri hills with my parents, thinking about getting back to work on Monday seems to me my biggest fear now ..

I just realized that there is very little that I fear .. And after thinking for quiet sometime I have failed to come up with as manty as eight of them .. But here are a few that I could think of at the moment ..

1. I'm super scared of snakes, I kind of hate to even think about the creepy crawlers ..
2. I fear watching horror movies ...

That is all I could think .. Could you think of anything else that would scare me .. What's is that you fear the most about ??


sheila said...

Totally with you on the snakes...I can't even look at a picture let alone say the word...UGHHHHH!!

btw...good that you don't have many fears. Life cannot be lived in fear :)

karthik s said...

totally in with u on this one. 8 FEARS was probably one of the most difficut posts in this challenge.
here's what i managed to come up with: :D

Sundu said...

Agree, this is a tough one.

My fear now is "the fear of writing down my 8 fears" :))