Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Break - ing !

I jus' got back home from college less than half hour back and I'm here off to blogging and checking mails .. This feels like bliss .. the blissfulness is also since I had pani puri on my way back home treating myself to my not so successful cycle test performance . I can't remember the last time I actually spent some quality time jus' for me ... I jus' hope I could get a weekend all by myself but that looks unlikely atleast in the fore seeable future.
For now .....
I'M GOING ON A MOVIE MARATHON starting in a few mins .. I wish I could continue with this for the next few days apart from my time in the college ... lets see :)

1 comment:

Vasanthan said...

so what movies did u watch?
enjoy your break, eat lots of ice-cream and chocolate. make it a best experience, no comprimise.

work is work. relax is relax.