Monday, 10 August 2009

WOW ! Whata week its been ..

After a week of bunking classes, skipping lunches, long hours of meetings, planning, coordinating, driving around the city, replying to mails and phone calls, running, jogging , hopping ... and doing almost everything that I could think of I'm SO proud to say CRESSIDA was a super duper hit and so was our event Manuscript - Paper Presentation.

Thou' it wasn't possible for me to be a part of every event , since I had to stick on to my event im so very happy with the way things turned out to be.. Thou' each of us were completley worn out to say the least , the appreciation we got from our staff and participants jus' over shadowed our tired selves.

I think it was during last month - July 09 hat I majorly got to check out so many new restaurants in and around Chennai (all this was partly coz of Cressida - driving around the city to get different work done), this actually inspired me to start a new blog "Eatin out" in which I should be starting to write shortly...

July 09 was one very eventful month in all aspects and would be one that i would always remember as one of the best times of my college days..

I'm yet to transfer pics from my cam .. will do it shortly and there is so much I wanna share with you all here.. (It's jus' recently did I realise that there is some prob. with my camera .. looks like its getting old ;) )


lena said...

its always good to read on your achievements. Keep it up. You have a lot to be proud of :)

Dhanya said...

Good to know everything's going great with you :)

tulipspeaks said...

way to go, girl!