Saturday, 22 August 2009

Madras Day ..

Chennai the city with a long beautiful coastline along its east coast has the second largest beach in the world - Marina .. This place , the once oh so conservative Madras has grown in to become a super cool Chennai and me having been born and brought up here .. I'm in total love with this place and glad to see the way its evolving in all areas of business ..

Once the land of idlis, dosas , sambar and Sari s is now home to a multitude of restaurant serving a variety of cusines right from Mediteranean, chinese, Italian and also to a bunch of international names MC D , KFC, Pizza Hut ... and also houses numerous boutiques of the famous names from the fashion world ..

Chennai is also known as the Detroit of India - coz of the numerous automobile companies mushrooming in and around this place.

The land which is home to A.R. Rahman, Kamal Hassan, Indira Nooyi etc ..... I'm proud to be a Chennaite . HAppy Madras Day to all Chennaites around the world!

I would be delighted to read about your best time in Chennai from non-Chennaites and also from Chennaites who would like to share your views about this place :)


lena said...

I've visited Chennai last month (can't believe it was last month only).. The place that impresses the most is Marina beach of course, that cannot be compared with anything at all. The power, the strength, the beauty, all in one, made me feel really good there :)

lena said...

and ya Happy Madras day! :)

Murali said...

Few years before, when I came to Chennai, I was totally in love with this city. Love at first sight!! With each visit it got better. It took me 1 year & 3 months to get transferred here. Now after being here for last 4 months & seen the good, bad & ugly side of Chennai, still my love grows. The good thing about this city is, you always have something to do, some places to go.
So much in love, I never missed an opportunity to explore this city.
People do crazy stuffs when they are in love. Last Saturday, I spent the entire night in Elliot’s Beach!

Vasanthan said...

chennai is very different from other indian cities, the life in chennai is fast paced but still livable with no stress.