Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Scenty Affair

There have always been certain smell that has appealed to our olfactory senses and few of my all time favourites are the smell of wet sand especially when the rain kisses the ground , Scent of jasmine, smell of Jhonson baby powder - it gives me a sense of freshness , smell of my favourite food as my grand mom cooks , smell of new clothes, smell of nail polish remover , smell when brownies or choc cookies are being baked . Well, I'm jus' starting to turn hungry .. These lovely scents have always been a treat to my nose and senses :)

As a kid I always had this habit of collecting perfume/scent bottles especially the small ones that come as a set. The last time I remember collecting was a couple of years backa nd the only brand I could recall at the moment is Nina Ricci . Loved it!


Sharmilee! :) said...

Most of ur list matches with mine except jasmine...I just cant tolerate the smell of it. Even I luv johnson products whether its powder or even soaps...and for that reason I am a regular user of it till now :D

Arv said...

nothing to beat the mann vaasanai :)

take care da... :)


Ramana KV said...

Hmm.. Costly affair :)

Vasanthan said...

Nice hobby.
but don smell nail polish removers. come has chloroform which causes fainting and in extensive use brain damage.

btw Nina Ricci has really nice bottles, i don know any one who does not like them.