Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I Voted !!

For the first time I voted today .. Yay!


ShantanuDas said...

Frankly I think all this hype about coming out to vote is foolish. What we should do rather is come out and

exercise that 49-O clause and record our vote for none
Participate in elections ourselves, like many who have done it this time.

What is the Yaay about? Did you vote for AIDMK or Did you vote for DMK or PMK or who else? Who is there that you think are really NOT crooks?

Sorry to say that we are only fooling ourselves..

Rather let us join hands to create new parties or join hands with those who are creating new ones.. like the guy from IIM who is standing in Tamilnadu here.. or Meera Sanyal, a banker at Mumbai and so on..

I am sorry to say this.but i am sure you voted like anybody else...for the same old crooks!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

@Shantanu Das

I can feel your agony , but I don' think you can make cliched statements and decide on for whom I would have voted. Well, I do encourage new upcoming parties.

neha said...

Hey good... me didt vote :-(my name was not in d list :-(

Sharmilee! :) said...

I can understand the excitement as its 1st time...!! But dont think it'l be the same next yr too.....I was also very excited for the 1st time esp for the mark on the nail...:)

Vasanthan said...

well done Shalini, it is a right and responsibility of every citizen to make their opinion count.

ShantanuDas: i disagree, for the good you should vote a party. choose the lesser evil. there is no perfect candidate. For a country run by democracy to succeed, every citizen should vote with the country's goodwill in mind.
the growth might be slow, but it is growing. with no support from its children it stays still.

Arv said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy :)

kewl one :)

Ramana KV said...

Good that you did.. It would be a happy feeling to select the right leaders..