Saturday, 23 May 2009

Exams Vs IPL

The IPL series has been such a fun one with me and my friends in college .. With friends from all over the country we actually have atleast one native supported for all IPL teams in our gangs . And when the teams take over each other at the grounds of South Africa .. OMG! What debates we have .. well, not to forget the bets for chocolates and ice creams too ...

When life seemed so fun with IPL as we hardly noticed our model exams go by .. The semester exams demended our attention for the fear of arrear and boy! adding to this was the distraction of IPL and calls from the team supporters ..

Me a die hard Chennai supporter with Dhoni and Muthiah murali Dharan being my favourites .. I'm nw deeply dis- appointed with Chennai not being able to get into the finals .. Well, never mind it was still a tough semi final .. I'm now looking forward for the world cup T20 that is soon to begin ..

And about my exams .. 3 down and 4 more to go .. I'm jus looking to get donw with them and I've already got loads of plans for my month long vacation ..

P.S. It is jus' that I have my exams going on and thats the reason I'm not able to drop by your blogs regularly or update mine either .. Jus' waiting to get into hols to get back into my blogging tempo! c ya all till then .. Take care and have a great weekend ..

For the IPL T20 finals .. I'm for Royal Challengers Bangalore .. Manish Pandey seems to be a good bet ;)


Arv said...

oh they lost... :(

thats sad...

take care and enjoy ur Sunday mate... cheers...

Vasanthan said...

i am watching the IPL too, because my father is a huge fan of chennai super kings.
well i just support any team but CSK.(just being aniti-dad)
In cricket my favourite players are andrew symonds, Gilchrist , Mark Boucher and Rahul Dravid.i basically like Wicket keepers who are very good batsmen.
i would say Dhoni is not one of them, Dinesh kartick is better in that.
Yesterday the game was not a hard fought one but a one sided one. Dhoni presented the victory in a golden platter for Royal challengers. Dhoni batting before badrinath and not making any big shots totally killed his chances.

Team before self is the key. and kumble had it, Dhoni simply lost that key.
i wish Manish Pandey is victorious today. That lad deserved all praises.

Dhanya said...

IPL has been so exciting. Am kinda sad it's going to end today. Oh well, like you said there's T20 world cup to look forward to :)

Hari said...

Yeah me to waiting for T20 world cup.. I wish Deccan to win cos I hate Vijay malliah..

btw, dropping by.. like to exchange links?

Sharmilee! :) said...

Not much of a cricket fan....but felt bad when CSK lost!