Saturday, 26 April 2008

Santosh Subramanian - Movie review

I caught up with this movie (Santosh Subramanian) staring Jeyam Ravi , Genelia, Prakash raj in lead roles and it turned out to be a complete entertainer. This movie is a remake of Bomarillu ( a super hit telgu movie).

Love makes life beautiful is the theme of the story and it has lived up to its theme.

Prakash Raj plays the role of a disciplined father who has strict rules at his home and his son Ravi maintains the goody boy image at home ,turning out to be the entire opposite when he's out with his friends.

Prakash Raj assumes that he knows whats best for his family giving them no chance to choose the stuffs they like, its only later in the story that he realises he's done a huge mistake by not letting his folks talk or choose for themselves unknowingly.

Genelia plays the role of a cute, bubbly girl who loves making friends but too kiddish at times and ends up putting herself in trouble with wrong people.It's during this time Ravi saves her from the bad stuff and that's how the movie goes on.. It's her bubbly self that has made the movie more lively. A must watch if you wanna be entertained. I would rate the movie 7 on 10.

P.S: A few scenes in this movie were shot in my college (SRM) and for that matter most of Jeyam Ravi's movies have a few scenes shot here right from M.Kumaran .. wonder whats the link??


Vasanthan said...

Thankfully i have already watched the movie before i read your post. you should put a disclaimer or a spoiler alert in the beginning of the post.

i really enjoyed Genelia's acting in this movie. If you want to take your mind off something this is an ideal movie.

Ashish Kalsi said...

nicely put shal. Probably for your future reviews you might not want to reveal the entire storyline. A good effort however. Keep it up.

Raghavan alias Saravanan M said...

hey shalini,

thats a good work :) I too watched it but missed the original bommarillu!

have a request.. see it here at ->

Raghavan alias Saravanan M said...

//A few scenes in this movie were shot in my college (SRM) and for that matter most of Jeyam Ravi's movies have a few scenes shot here right from M.Kumaran .. wonder whats the link??//

You are from SRM? :) cool..

whats the link? that was also directed by his brother only.. anything else?

Kirthi said...

Hi Shalini,

I have watched this movie both in Tamil and Telgu but liked Ravi's acting than Siddarth.

Prakash Raj has acted well

I felt Genelia's acting too innocent/bubbly at times which looked fake on the screen (both Tamil and Telgu). In 21st Century, no 19 year old girl would be like this.
But otherwise, movie was a total entertainer.

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


I will probably do that from the next time .. thx for that piece of advice. How is ur trip to India coming along?? Be warned .. the weather here is HOT !!!!


Thanks! I ll take that into account for my future reviews..

Glad to see you here..


Thanks! I haven't caught up with Bommarilu, may be i should sometime.. Yup, I'm from SRM.


That's true .. When it comes to reality I too wonder if any 19yr. old would be the way Genilia was portrayed.. But, was fun watching her on screen .

tulipspeaks said...

will be catching this movie 2day or 2moro.. :)


Sudhakar said...

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krithi said...

hi shals great review.. i too watched tat movie really good..
It really speaks out to hoe some parents of today are. They r too concerned about their children and as a result ou of over affection they take away most of their freedom...
ravi's acting was too good..and genelia, no words to say. the role suits her too well..

karthik said...

cool review.. visit mine ...

sriny.96 said...

I hate to disagree with the OP but I found the movie insipid,too long and languidly paced. Genelia cloyingly overacts to the point of inducing nausea. There is no hint of a strong drama and the story is wafer thin. Also,the final confrontation between the hero and his father was poorly sketched out. The songs were passable but the movie does not have enough elements to keep the viewers eyes glued to the TV.

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