Friday, 18 April 2008

Tag time

After a long time Im taking up a tag. Thanks to Mel Avila alarilla and Noushy for tagging me.

In this tag I am to list out 10 reasons why I blog..

1. I love writting my thoughts and blogging seems to be a perfect venue to keep a record of my thoughts.

2. love reading what other bloggers have to say , there are have been a lot of incidents that have inspired me in my life.

3. The comments from the readers is a feel good factor, making me feel there are people who value my thoughts and spend time to share their views.

4. It paves way to make friends around the globe (one things I have loved doing from a very young age )

5. It helps me gain knowledge in wide range of subjects.

6. It helps me get to know myself and my interests better.

7. An easy way to communicate to people from around the world and get to know their life and culture.

8. It keeps me occupied and in that way i don feel im wasting time :)

9. It helps me loosen up at the end of a stressuful day

10. Last but not the least helps me make some money!! :)

I'm tagging all those of you who are reading this tag. Drop me a message in my comment box, so that i could drop by your blog. Have a great weekend!!


Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

3rd and the 9th point were too good :)

tulipspeaks said...

6. It helps me get to know myself and my interests better.

agree 100%


Pranks said...

how do you make money using blog??

plz reply here and to also.

m.flowerr said...

first time here.........nice reading your thoughts here...great blog!