Friday, 11 April 2008

My week in a nutshell

Life seems to be so eventful these days that I don' get time to even blog things that I feel like sharing with you all. But thanks to weekends when I get back home and have proper access to internet.

Last weekend I caught up with a movie 'Velli thirai' meaning Silver screen, the review of which you can shortly see at my blog space. It was an interesting watch, thou' it wasn't a feel good movie it had in it a lot of facts depicting how things don' always happen the way you think it will and all the hardships of life.

I watched this movie at inox, a multiplex in Chennai citicentre. It has been a long wait for me to watch a movie at inox. It was started almost a year back and each time I plan of watching a movie here its a herculean task to get tickets. Atlast finally my dad booked tickets for our family l;ast weekend and we were there. Loved the cineplex for its ambience and for the variety of snacks they had to offer.

Later that day I got my parents got me ma new hand phone. Yup, I was so excited and I still am. From then on I have been clicking(pics) away to glory. Its a Sony Ericsson K790i . The best part of it is that its got a 3.2mp camera . Thou' its nothing gr8 when compared to a digicam its good for a handphone.

We had our farewell day celebrations in college for which me and few other friends of mine decided to do a dance. The practice for which made my week all the more hectic. Never mind I love dancing !

Lastly I had to attend an interview for the selection of brand ambassadors for representing Sun micro systems in my college. Thou' my prospects of becoming one is low I enjoyed the experience :). That's how my week went by. Hope you all had a lovely week too!


Vasanthan said...

we have a similarity, i just got myself a new phone to. it is HTC TOUCH. It was my aim since i came back to Singapore, finally got it. but the camera in mine isn't as good as yours. mine is just 2 mega.

another similarity, the job interview i attended was also as a consultant for sun micro systems servers.

CM-Chap said...

Hmm I hope someone gives me a gift... I want Sony Ericssion G900..