Saturday, 2 February 2008

Vazthukal - Movie

Hi peeps, its great to be back here :) My week was packed and I'm back home for the weekend and a good news - I have got the data card , So I will be able to easily access internet from hostel :)

One evening I was quite jobless in my hostel when me and a couple of friends planned to catch up with a movie called 'Vazthukal' meaning 'Wishes' staring Madhavan and Bhavana in the lead roles. When I recall the day I saw the movie I can't stop grinning. Well,it was nothing funny but the fact that you can never find a word or phrase in any language other than tamil, a rare reality in the current scenario.

I don' suggest you to watch the movie as its not all that great, but I do encourage students who have their tamil exam the following day to catch up with the movie as it will sure help them score better :)

Have a great weekend ! Will take up all your tags soon. Thanks for staying in touch :)


Vasanthan said...

so you have settled in, thats great news. i will watch that movie once i get the time.

i was away for a while myself. i have returned to Singapore, my homeland. taking some time to adapt back.

--xh-- said...

hm.. a movie which u can watch on the day b4 exam to get more marks. intresting :)

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Don't shout back at me after watching the movie.. Watch the movie only when your completley jobless and when you think you need to improve your tamil vocabulary :) . Otherwise I don' really suggets anyone to watch that movie :)


Yup! The day before tamil exam. One can't find a single word in anyother lang. from that movie :p

Aarthi said...

That really makes me grin...:)

Janakan Rajendran said...

nicely said. just was watching movie and couldn't stop laughing the way they used tamil all over the movie

Anonymous said...

Sad state of tamil language...

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